5 Ways to Optimize Your Backstroke Technique

Learning to swim backstroke isn’t an impossible task. Once you’re able to float on your back, everything else comes fairly easily with enough practice. But, actually swimming backstroke well can be slightly more challenging.

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How to Swim Faster Freestyle

Whether you’re a triathlete training for open water, a competitive swimmer, or a recreational swimmer, learning to swim faster and improving your freestyle is likely on your radar.

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Why Your Breaststroke Technique is Failing You

Breaststroke is the slowest among all the strokes, and one of the toughest to master in terms of technique. The good news is, making even the slightest adjustments can result in better stroke efficiency and a faster swim.

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Signs You’re Training Too Hard (Or Not Enough)

Overtraining happens when the body undergoes stress at a faster rate than it can recover. Studies have shown overtraining to increase risks of injury, where most athletes are already training with between a 20-30% risk.