David Nolan Joins New Startup Commit Swimming

American, NCAA, and U.S. Open record holder, David Nolan, is joining Commit Swimming’s team as a business partner and swimming ambassador.


Leila Vaziri Technique Tips: Breaststroke With Dolphin Kick (Video)

Vaziri: Breaststroke involves an undulation to the stroke, it has a slight up motion at the end of the kick. Consisting mostly of a strong kick but follows through with a propulsion of the hips.

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4 Exercises To Strengthen The Shoulders

4 exercises that help strengthen the shoulder and help prevent injuries.

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Learn the Dumbbell Deadlift to Increase your Swim Strength

The Dumbbell Deadlift is one of our favorite exercises to increase your swimmer strength.

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Josh Davis And Friends Inspire At Swim Clinic in Mexico

Topping off his incredible journey to Mexico, Josh Davis shared a plane with former Mexican President Vicente Fox. (photo courtesy of Josh Davis.)

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2015 Race Club Fall Swimisodes Are Here (Video)

In swimming, where water is 800 times denser than air so every detail counts.

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Learn Kettlebell Goblet Squats to Increase your Swim Strength

The KB/DB Goblet Squat is simply the Frog Squat movement but holding a kettlebell or dumbbell at chest height.


How to Troubleshoot Your Training in the Pool

Want to make more of your time in the pool? Here is your first aid kit for putting together awesome practices this year.

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Learn Monster Walks to Increase your Swim Strength

If you are doing this correctly, taking your time, staying low and keeping your hips level in all 4 directions, you should feel a good muscle ‘burn’ in your glutes and quads.

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Larkin, McEvoy On Dolphins’ Rio Protocol Camp Experience (Video)

You’ve read about it, now see it in action – Australia’s elite taking part in their “Rio Protocol Camp” in Canberra.

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Learn the Frog Squat to Increase your Swim Strength

Today we are introducing the Frog Squat! The Frog Squat focuses on lower-extremity flexibilty, hip stability and posture.


Why You Should Start with the Fundamentals in the Pool

The beginning of the season is a perfect time to hit reset on some of those questionable habits you found…

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How to Develop Better Habits in the Pool

The consistent application of good habits will get you success fast in the pool. Here is how to make habits work for you in the pool and in life.

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Dryland: Turkish Getups

Larry Arnold takes swimmers from Phoenix Swim Club through a well known exercise focused on body and breath control.


Revolutionary OnCourse Goggles a Game Changer in Open Water

Most open water swimmers struggle with swimming in a straight line practicing or during competition. They zig-zag wasting precious energy. Not anymore. Now you can swim straight with OnCourse goggles.


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