Top Swims of Trials 2012: Day 1

Top Swim – Dana Vollmer, 100 fly, 56.42 – The top swim from day 1, though there were a ton of spectacular candidates, has to go to Dana Vollmer’s American, U.S. Open, U.S. Olympic Trials, and National Championships Records in the women’s 100 fly.

She was one of the few non-Gator swimmers to earn big headlines on the first day of this meet as she ripped through half-a-second below the World Record pace; now all that she has to do on Tuesday is find her finishing few strokes.

Surprise Swim – Scott Weltz, 100 breast, 1:00.20 – When Scott Weltz finished his collegiate career in 2010, there was a driving force that told him to keep swimming. Something that kept urging him back to the pool after a few hiatuses from the sport. Call it fate, call it the gods of the pool, call it an itch. But whatever it was, we’re glad he did it. He now sits just .01 behind Mark Gangloff as the third-fastest American ever in textile in this 100 breaststroke.

Outside Smoke – Michael Klueh, 400 free, 3:48.17 – Michael Klueh didn’t make the team after finishing third in the men’s 400 free, but almost pulled off the big upset out of lane 1. He happened to be right in the heart of the action, with the winner Peter Vanderkaay and Charlie Houchin, who led a huge portion of this race on his right flank.

Outside fire – Andrew Gemmell, 400 IM, 4:16.07 – This award goes to Mr. Gemmell who, despite swimming in lane 1 that left him within 10 feet of a 15-foot high wall of flame shooting out of the side of the pool, and still finished 4th (which means the highest-placing finisher that nobody will remember behind Lochte, Phelps, and Clary). But we’ll remember him for braving a mid-race near-death experience and still putting up a great swim.

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Yeah totally agree about Weltz; he didn’t look familiar at all and I only vaguely remember his name. Where was his collegiate career?

UC Davis. His collegiate career might have been cut short when they lost their team, but he’s a speed demon.

What about Hansen’s swim?
That should deserve the come back swim of the night, if not the meet – yet, no?

So…what’s this about the wall of flame? That sounds a little bit ridiculous…are they going to keep using that throughout the meet??

And they turned the flames on DURING the race?!?!
It’s a big fail if you ask me.

The pryo is supposed to only be used during the introductions, but there was a malfunction of the system and it went off unexpectedly at about 50 meters into the breast leg of the 400 IM. Lochte mentioned he noticed it during the race when he was making post race comments.

Always good to have a team that isn’t shaken by the unexpected.


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