Day 1 Finals Recap from Omaha Presented by Engine

  57 Davis Wuolle | June 25th, 2012 | News, U.S. Olympic Trials

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Just wanted to speak up and say, Gator Swim Club Swimmers will do fine in London.I do not believe they are fully tapered.Rested yes, fully tapered no.
I think they will all improve their times in London.

No worries. Gregg Troy’s swimmers show up when it counts. Everyone can talk but they have no idea where everyone is at really.

Jean Michel

@BOBOGIGI : Merci de ta charmante collaboration ! ton attitude me fait fait penser a celle de l’équipe de France de Foot …tu vois ce que je veux dire . No comment . hehhehehe

Yes, finally you speak french! I waited for that! But don’t count on me to speak french here. I refuse it. I work my english. I knew there was something from France behind you. Are you american, english, french or someone who has dual citizenship? Back to your comment. Thank you for the comparison with these stupid guys in soccer (like they said in USA). I know it was a joke. These players without education are a shame for France. But I didn’t want to irritate you with my answers. You are outside the USA so you know how it’s difficult to find a live streaming of these trials. And I have no specific answers. Every night I look for… Read more »
Jean Michel

prelims today available live on Usaswimming . great quality ! check it guys .


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