The Good Swimmer

Thanks to Agustin Artiles Grijalba for contributing this story.

If we were given the chance to build a perfect swimmer, I am sure we would all know exactly which characteristics to endow them with: talent, discipline, strength of mind, competitive spirit and the ability to win important events. The problem is that not all swimmers have the same physical and mental attributes.

Some have the perfect skills to perform superbly but lack the necessary willpower to achieve their objectives. Others do not show the right qualities for achieving great success but do, however, persevere to unexpected limits in order to reach their goals, and others have the right skills and abilities to achieve excellence under the right conditions.

Good swimmers never look for excuses, they learn from their mistakes and always try to correct them. They react with integrity in the face of defeat because they fully understand that defeat is a necessary and important part of their training. They start their training sessions on time and never behave inappropriately towards their colleagues or coach. They focus on their performance and pay full attention to their recovery and rest times, avoiding any activities that could jeopardise their training or cause injury.

They are positive and always try to find solutions when encountering obstacles. They never give up, they are disciplined and keep their word. They have clear ideas and always know where their goals are leading them. Well-behaved and respectful of the rules, they are distinguished by a strength of mind that drives their actions and, whenever they are unable to attend a training session, they will talk to their coach and find a solution.

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