Taylor Ruck Shatters Hilary Caldwell’s 200 Back Canadian Record

Karl Ortegon
by Karl Ortegon 28

December 21st, 2017 Canada, News


Swimming at the Lausanne Cup in Switzerland, Taylor Ruck set fire to Hilary Caldwell‘s Canadian record in the 200 backstroke.

Winning the event handily in Lausanne, the 17-year-old swam her way to a 2:01.66, nine tenths faster than Caldwell’s old mark of 2:02.56 from back in 2013.

Caldwell’s Splits

  • First 50: 29.46
  • Second 50: 30.97
  • Third 50: 31.33
  • Fourth 50: 30.80

Ruck’s Splits

  • First 50: 28.57
  • Second 50: 30.50
  • Third 50: 30.98
  • Fourth 50: 31.61

Ruck swam it differently from Caldwell, charging out hard and holding on during the back-half, and the strategy paid off for her.

Ruck is still a ways away from world record range, as the fastest time in history belongs to Katinka Hosszu at 1:59.23 from the 2014 World SC Championships.

Just a few days ago, Ruck dropped a 2:06.87 in long course at the English Nationals, coming within a second of Kylie Masse‘s national mark in long course. She also tied the Canadian record in the 200 free at English Nationals a couple of days before that, and dropped a 52.96 100 LC free the same day as her 2:06 200 back.

Ruck is a commit to the Stanford women’s class of 2022 in the NCAA.

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Tom from Chicago

Ruck is killing it. Since her family moved to the US before she was one, so I think the US should get credit for at least half her Olympic/World medals.


Thought she had been back in Canada for a couple of months. I think most of her training was done in the US before that.


Should the credit not remain with the athlete? After all she is the one who has achieved these merits…

The Grand inquisitor

Any swimming achievement should be fully credited to those that had the courage to post their crucial analysis, advice and guidance on SwimSwam.


Her move was the best for her… Way to go T. Ruck!


Her last big drops in time have been since she joined the HPC Ontario group. Her old coach in the States obviously set her up well, but when it comes down to it she is Canadian (literally doesn’t have American citizenship). Either way, main props go to her for training hard and putting in the work.


In a year Greg Meehan gonna get all the credit

Coach John

why did you use the term “all”…. he is one of the most humble coaches around. he gives credit to the development coaches. Don’t be so salty before the holidays…. it’s bad for the environment!


Just jokes John. I wasn’t questioning his humbleness level. And I said he was going to get all the credit, not that he takes all the credit


Is Caldwell’s old time supposed to be 2:02.56?

Pancake Swimmer

You are correct, I added up the splits and it should be 2:02.56.


Taylor Ruck’s been on a roll in the last couple weeks.

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