SwimmersBest Drill Of The Month: Opposite-Equipment Stability Drill

SwimSwam thanks SwimmersBest for sponsoring “Drill of the Month.”  This is a SwimSwam recurring feature that brings drills and idea submissions from various creative and innovative coaches all over the world.

Ann Arbor, MI has always had a rich swimming culture with the University of Michigan in the center of the town. The university has (literally) walls of olympians it has produced and helped develop over the years, and the program is known for being innovative in the sport. This culture and innovative spirit has trickled down to the club team that practices in the same pool, Club Wolverine. One thing the club does that we at SwimSwam had never seen before is using 1 piece of equipment on one hand and another on the opposite or same side limb.

For example, you would swim while wearing a paddle (or holding a wiffle ball) on your left hand and a fin on your right/left foot. It forces your body to stabilize itself even though it’s off balance in the water, and you get a very good feel for both sides of the water when you can directly compare swimming with a paddle/fin on one side and not having it on the other side. You can do this with any variation of equipment, including:

  • Just 1 paddle, no fins
  • just 1 paddle, 2 fins
  • 2 wiffle balls, 1 fin
  • 1 fin, no paddles
  • 1 fin, 2 paddles

*It also may to helpful to use a snorkel during this drill, as it will allow you to really focus on engaging the core and getting your feel for the water without having to worry about breathing. 

Club Wolverine has been awarded Gold Medal status under USA Swimming’s Club Excellence Program for 5 straight years (2007-11), as well as Level 4 status (highest ranking) under USA Swimming’s Club Recognition Program. CW has received the recognition and earned the respect of the local, state, national and world swimming communities, and CW swimmers and their families are to be congratulated for demonstrating their commitment and hard work that culminated in CW’s many successes.



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