Swimmers Worldwide React To Tokyo 2020 Postponement

The International Olympic Committee’s has announced that the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will not go ahead as originally scheduled. Slated to occur from July 24 – August 9, the Games will be postponed to “a date beyond 2020 but not later than summer 2021.” With official details yet to come, the IOC has also said that the Games will still occur in Japan and will keep the name ‘Tokyo 2020.’

In light of the cancellations, Olympic qualifiers and hopefuls across the globe have taken to Instagram and Twitter to share their thoughts.

Among those reacting today following the IOC’s official statement, several 2016 Olympic medalists who were set to vie for a return to the podium this summer have shared their thoughts, their support, and their plans for this shift in schedule.





2012 Olympic Champion in both the 50 and 100 freestyle Ranomi Kromowidjojo, who had already qualified for the 2020 Olympics, was set to race at her fourth Olympics this summer. The Dutch sprinter shared her reaction the the announcement.


Regan Smith, Michael Andrew, and Carson Foster are among a cluster of rising US stars who have had breakouts since Rio 2016 and were on their way to a potential Olympic debut this summer. Smith, a triple world record holder, Andrew, 2016 Short Course World Champion, and Foster, a multi world junior medalist and world junior record holder shared their reactions and reflections.




Michael Andrew was among the first to share his thoughts on the matter following senior IOC member, Dick Pound’s original statement that the Olympics would be postponed.


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10 months ago

Thoughts about Andrei Minakovs reaction? Only swimmer I’ve seen so far who has strongly criticized the postponement

Reply to  Swimswammer
10 months ago

Another year for the various doping agencies to investigate the Russian Olympians

Reply to  Swimswammer
10 months ago

Where he is from, there have been very few cases of the virus. It might be difficult to determine the weight of the situation (esp telling fake from real news) until you’re living in the midst of it. I was in denial for the first weeks of warning … until all of society began shutting down … and then it took off exponentially 🙁

10 months ago

I hope Regan delays her college enrollment. This worked well for Katie in 2016, and Regan is doing great things under Mike’s coaching.

Will be interesting to see what Carson, Luca, Alex Walsh, etc do as well.

Irish Ringer
Reply to  Coach
10 months ago

If this has taught us anything it’s life is too short. Take the money while you can and forget swimming in the bath tub.

Mr Piano
Reply to  Irish Ringer
10 months ago

It’s not all about the money. Regan is going to Stanford, she’ll be successful no matter what. She’s said it’s her dream to swim there.

Awsi Dooger
Reply to  Irish Ringer
10 months ago

Those two sentences don’t belong together. It reads like a spoof

Reply to  Awsi Dooger
10 months ago

She can defer a year and then swim at Stanford after the Olympics. This worked very well for Katie.

Philip Johnson
Reply to  Irish Ringer
10 months ago

Yup, take the money then use your endorsement money to later go to Stanford if you want. These may be her peak years so cash in while you can.

10 months ago

Carson will go from a strong contender to the favorite in the 200 IM imo he could be a contender for gold with another year

Reply to  Pvdh
10 months ago

While your comment seems to be unpopular, I agree that the year delay will make Carson Foster a much stronger contender. He was already a contender, but as a still growing young man, he should be in a great position for an olympic berth.