Swim.com App Turns Apple Watch Series 2 Into Advanced Swim Tracker

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September 28th, 2016 Gear, Industry, News

The Apple Watch Series 2 is waterproof — and it’s updated design will spawn a whole host of new functions and apps, including the world’s most advanced swim tracker, Swim.com.

Swim.com App Apple Watch 2016The Swim.com app, available now on the iOS App Store, transforms the Apple Watch Series 2 from a standard lap counter to an advanced swim tracker. On top of the basic swimming functionality that the Apple Watch Series 2 offers, users swimming with the Swim.com app will be able to record stroke count, stroke type, differentiate periods of rest from swimming, track intervals, pace, efficiency and much more.

“Our Swim.com engineers and developers have been working non-stop for over four years on perfecting the algorithms needed to properly track and record swim workouts,” said Davis Wuolle, President of Swim.com. “We’ve already unveiled the first and only swimming app for Android Wear and have the most popular swim app for the Pebble Smartwatch. The day has finally arrived for millions of Apple Watch users who want to track their swimming and Swim.com is uniquely positioned to provide them with the most comprehensive swim analytics experience possible.”

Swim.com App Apple Watch 2016Workouts recorded on the Apple Watch via the Swim.com app will automatically be synced with Swim.com, where users will be able to view in-depth information about their workouts and track their progress over time. Users will have access to this data through the bundled iOS app on their phone, the Android app and on the web.“Swim.com already has tens of thousands of users tracking their swim workouts on Pebble and Android Wear and we’ve become the clear market leader in swim apps on wearables in both user volume and functionality,” said Wuolle. “We fully expect that the introduction of the Apple Watch Series 2 will ignite an explosion of growth for the usage of swimming wearables.”

And for users with the original Apple Watch? “As long as your Apple Watch is running the latest version of watchOS, it will run Swim.com,” said Wuolle. “We trust that users will make sure they find an appropriate waterproof case if they choose to take their Apple Watch Series 1 for a swim.”

Swim.com is backed by Spiraledge, Inc, a technology company focused on healthy living. Spiraledge’s other brands including SwimOutlet.com, the web’s biggest aquatics shop and a Top 300 Internet Retailer, and YogaOutlet.com, the fastest-growing online yoga shop, that was selected as a Hot 100 last year by Internet Retailer.

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Download Swim.com App for iOS and Apple Watch here.

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To download Swim.com App for Android and Android Wear, visit here.

Courtesy of Swim.com App.

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3 years ago

None of the apps including swim.com, count the “simple” number of strokes. It is quite interesting why they don’t provide this information, similar to a “simple” step count information that every fitness tracker has. They have counts for number of laps, even strokes per lap !, but not number of strokes. I have verified my comment by contacting swim.com. I would actually appreciate if anybody knows such an app. Preferably a Pebble app. or any app that either exists or in progress.

Kathy R
3 years ago

How can I be sure the Apple Watch is in waterproof mode when using the swim.com app? When I use the exercise app that comes with the watch, it does a 3 beat countdown to indicate that it’s going into waterproof mode. Also, does it count laps when I’m doing my kick sets holding onto a kick board and not using my arms?

Reply to  Kathy R
3 years ago

I emailed [email protected] with the same concern. Here’s the substantive portion of their response: “With the Exercise app that came with your watch, the countdown indicates that the screen is going to be locked to avoid accidentally “touches” by the water. The watch by itself is already waterproof regardless of the app used. With the Swim.com app, the screen automatically locks the same way when a workout is started. The difference is that it’s automatic with no countdown required. When you are done swimming, you will need to perform a force touch on the screen to bring up the “End Workout” option. And then after you are done working out for the day, you can manually eject any water as… Read more »

3 years ago

Will this app track walking (swim aerobics, etc)?

Reply to  Linda
3 years ago

It seems that it doesn’t I did an hour long class and it was hard and said I was swimming for five minutes and burned 35 calories. Obviously incorrect