SURGE Strength Podcast and More “Must Subscribe To” Podcasts

The number of podcasts and downloads are growing exponentially. So be sure you’re subscribed to some of the best podcasts (like the SURGE Strength Podcast) in the swimming community. Here are some you should be sure to have on your favorite podcast catcher app.


Swim Coaches Base Podcast

One of the longest-running podcasts in the swimming world is the Swim Coaches Base Podcast started by Chris Ritter in 2014. Released every Tuesday, Chris talks with some of the biggest names in swim coaching and also some great coaches you’ve probably never heard of. All the focus is on how to keep getting better as a coach and provide your swimmers with the best opportunity to succeed.

Listen below to the episode when Paul Yetter was a guest to talk about the Coaching Mentorship Program that’s part of The Hive. Paul is currently the Director of the Coaching Mentorship for RITTER, which provides swim coaches from all over the world a forum to learn and support each other.


SURGE Strength Podcast



The SwimSwam Podcast

Mel Stewart and Coleman Hodges have produced great content for a while now but recently they’ve turned their focus to podcasts. The SwimSwam Podcast. With episodes coming out daily and sometimes multiple times you’ll need to make sure you keep up.

Listen to The SwimSwam Podcast


Champion’s Mojo Podcast

Kelly and Maria host the weekly Champion’s Mojo Podcast. They have encouraged, challenged, and loved each other to athletic and professional success for 35 years. Now, through Champion’s Mojo, join in their conversations with champion guests to discover techniques, mindsets, and new wisdom for growth and success as well as thriving through life’s inevitable challenges.

Listen to the Champion’s Mojo Podcast




SURGE Strength Podcast



On The Top Coaching Podcast

Jason Pullano has recently started a podcast on exploring the new waves in the sport of swimming for coaches. Jason is an enthusiast young coach with lots of fresh ideas and is always looking for how to grow as a coach and best help his athletes. Join him in the journey of getting better as a coach by listening in!

Listen to On The Top Coaching Podcast


SURGE Strength Podcast



SURGE Strength Podcast

The only podcast that is dedicated entirely to the best dryland training principles and tips for helping swimmers become faster, move better, and prevent injuries. Host by Chris Ritter, the SURGE Strength Podcast is released each Thursday.

Each episode begins with Chris talking about the latest dryland topic on his mind. Next is the “Inside the SURGE Strength Academy” section where you’ll hear one lesson from the SURGE Strength Dryland Certification Curriculum. Finally, each episode ends with “DrylandTalk” where you’ll hear great conversations Chris has with others about dryland. From the Dryland Certified Coaches of RITTER to coaches and swimmers that are enrolled in the SURGE Strength Programs to top performance coaches in the field of strength & conditioning.

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Dryland performance tests for swimmers

SURGE Strength




Dryland performance tests for swimmers

SURGE Strength




SURGE Strength

Courtesy of SwimSwam’s exclusive dryland training partner, SURGE Strength.

SURGE Strength, a strength training brand created by Chris Ritter, CEO of RITTER Sports Performance, aims to build better athletes and faster swimmers through dryland programs, and coaching education.


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