Smith, Finke Top USA Swimming’s Third Annual 18 & Under World 100

USA Swimming recognized the top ranked American junior swimmers on Wednesday with the announcement of their third annual 18 & under world 100.

For the second consecutive year National Team members Regan Smith and Robert Finke topped the charts with the top performances among all U.S. 18-and-under competitors. Smith was ranked the #1 female due to her 58.83 swim in the 100 backstroke, registering 964 FINA points, and Finke did the same for men with his 953 points in the 1500 freestyle (14:48.70).

In addition to both of those swims, four more Americans had the top 18 & under time in the world for 2018: Daniel Roy (200 breast), Reece Whitley (100 breast), Jack LeVant (200 free), and Carson Foster (400 IM).

In order to be named to the 18 & Under World 100, swimmers must be 18 on September 1st, 2018, registered as a USA Swimming member at the time of the qualifying performance, and must be eligible to represent the U.S. in international competition as of September 1st.

Any World 100 members with a power rank inside the top 50 of each gender who have never represented the U.S. internationally and are currently in high school will represent USA Swimming at the 2019 Mel Zajac Jr. International meet in Vancouver. Last year, nine members of the World 100 group made their debut at that competition and went on to qualify for the Junior Pan Pacs.

Check out all of those recognized below:

Male Female
Robert Finke Regan Smith
Daniel Roy Zoe Bartel
Reece Whitley Phoebe Bacon
Jack LeVant Erica Sullivan
Carson Foster Dakota Luther
Gianluca Urlando Mariah Denigan
Joshua Matheny Ella Nelson
Andrew Abruzzo Alex Walsh
Max McHugh Grace Ariola
Jake Foster Emily Weiss
Michael Brinegar Emma Weyant
Shaine Casas
Katharine Berkoff
Adam Chaney Isabelle Stadden
Trey Freeman Olivia Carter
Van Mathias Gretchen Walsh
Drew Kibler Chase Travis
Ethan Harder Claire Tuggle
Kieran Smith Vanessa Pearl
AJ Pouch Maxine Parker
Destin Lasco Lindsay Looney
Patrick Callan Lucie Nordmann
Danny Kovac
Kensey McMahon
Peter Larson Olivia Bray
Kevin Vargas Kaitlynn Sims
Jason Louser
Madelyn Donohoe
Ross Dant Lillie Nordmann
David Curtiss Isabel Gormley
AJ Bornstein Zoie Hartman
Will Grant Allie Raab
Jake Magahey Kate Douglass
Ryan Gridley Coleen Gillilan
Tim Connery Isabel Ivey
Mikey Calvillo
Alexandra Crisera
Wyatt Davis Torri Huske
Arik Katz Annabel Crush
Ethan Heasley Cassidy Bayer
Keegan Walsh Anna Keating
Matthew Willenbring
Christin Rockway
Ian Grum Julia Cook
Charles Scheinfeld Kaitlyn Dobler
Dare Rose Abby Arens
Josh Bottelberghe Kaki Christensen
Keith Myburgh Justina Kozan
Jack Dahlgren
Kathryn Ackerman
Raunak Khosla Amanda Ray
River Wright Emma Wheal
Sterling Crane Alex Sumner
Julian Hill
Janessa Matthews
Matt Fallon Caitlin Brooks
Braden Vines Charlotte Hook
Ryan Vipavetz Rhyan White
Sean Conway Paige McKenna
Jake Mitchell Ashlyn Fiorilli
Maxwell Reich Grace Sheble
Chris Jhong Ellie Andrews
Will Davis Lola Mull
Paul Degrado Kelly Pash
Aidan Stoffle
Mackenzie Looze
Connor Lee Hallie Kinsey
Ethan Hu Ileah Doctor
Isaac Davis Sinclair Larson
Will Chan Laura Goettler
Noah Bowers
Kathleen Golding
Zach Brown Emma Atkinson
Brendan Burns Danika Katzer
Nicholas Perera Abby Kapeller
Ivan Puskovitch Isabelle Odgers
Matt King Colby Hurt
Topher Stensby Grace Cooper
Liam Bell Allie Piccirillo
Dane Florea
Maddie Homovich
Zachary Smith Abigail McCulloh
Forrest Frazier Gabi Albiero
Andrew Winton Emma Nordin
Ben Dillard Claire Curzan
Jake Johnson
Christiana Regenauer
Jack Armstrong Ruby Martin
Brennan Gravley Emma Muzzy
Evan Carlson
Samantha Shelton
Mitchell Whyte Talia Bates
Rick Mihm Rye Ulett
Ethan Dang
Samantha Pearson
Harry Homans Callie Dickinson
Aldan Johnston Rachel Klinker
Zach Hils Mara Newman
Matthew Yish Erin Gemmell
Lleyton Plattel Ayla Spitz
David Madej Annika Wagner
Miguel Cancel
Sophie Sorenson
Thomas Hamlet
Miranda Heckman
Jean-Pierre Khouzam Lauren Poole
Spencer Daly Casey Chung
Andrew Benson Anya Goeders
Jack Dolan Olivia McMurray
Ben Miller Elise Bauer
Connor Daniels Abigail Kilgallon
Harrison Lierz Kylee Alons
Bradley Dunham Val Tarazi
Eli Fouts Grace Countie
Brandon Hamblin Natalie Mannion
Tyler Babinec Emily Hetzer
Noah Henderson Tristen Ulett
Tim Gallagher Abby Harter
John Healy Ema Rajic
Cooper Deryk Hannah Farrow
Hunter Tapp Sarah Dimeco
Kimani Gregory Claire Donan
Liam Hutchinson Katie Mack
Nathan Hayes Caroline Cooper
Reid Mikuta Natalie Whalen
Owen Kao Gillian Davey
David Abrahams Leah Braswell
Dylan Rhee
Catherine Buroker
Seung Joon Ahn
Bridget Semenuk
Jack Alexy Katie Crom
Nick Vance Ashley Strouse
Colton Paulson Sophia Tuinman
Michael Daly Maggie Wallace
Jack Walker
Amalie Fackenthal
Matt Brownstead Diana Dunn
Mason Gonzalez Quinn Schaedler
Kevin Houseman Julia Menkhaus
Jude Williams
Noelle Peplowski
Philip Manoff Sophie Lindner
Jacob Elsmann
Peyton D’Emanuele
Shane Blinkman Emma Sticklen
Mitchell Garlepy Kayleigh Lovell
Jake Marcum Izzy Gati
Dillon Downing Abby Gibbons
Christopher Lindley Sophia Zhang
Henry Schutte Jessica Davis
CJ Hinckley Maggie Graves
Alex Colson Kate Hazlett
Dylan Porges
Madison Kolessar
Danny Berlitz Reese Hazan
Zach Kohm Micayla Cronk
Joseph Gutierrez Megan Glass
Preston Forst Zoe Gawronska
Will Barao Reilly Tiltmann
Coco Bratanov Tea Laughlin
Spencer Walker Morgan Rinn
Ford Blaylock Meghan Lynch
Matthew Sims Haley Benjamin
Noah Brune Tori Culotta
Jack Wright Kylie Powers
Liberty Williams
Kennedy Noble
Annie Behm
Isabella Rongione
Lauryn Johnson
Renee Gillilan
Taylor Steele
Emma Weber
Elsa Fretz
Ella Ristic
Isabel Traba
Kaylee Wheeler
Chase Davison
Brynn Curtis
Cora Dupre
Gabrielle Kopenski
Chloe Stepanek
Daniella Hawkins
Paige McCormick
Maggie Kleinsmith
Grace Monahan

For a full list of the swimmers including their event, time, ranking and FINA points, click here.

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Black Line
3 years ago

Where can we find the whole list of the top 100 18 and unders for all nations?

Club Coach
Reply to  Black Line
3 years ago

Go to USA Swimming, Times tab – Data Hub and General Information – Highlighted Record Tracking Types – Age Defined World Rankings

3 years ago

Is this information pulled off the FINA Swimming World Ranking website? And, if so, is there a reason only a partial list of results are included?

Don't ask. Don't tell
Reply to  CHEEZ
3 years ago

Perhaps because HS sports don’t drug test but USA Swimming thankfully does and some of them got caught doping. They got their hands slapped & some of their times stripped. However, they were still eligible to swim at State championships because they were allowed to keep their secret. Hhmm.
Doesn’t sound like reputable behavior or very Sportsmanly.

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James Sutherland

James swam five years at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, specializing in the 200 free, back and IM. He finished up his collegiate swimming career in 2018, graduating with a bachelor's degree in economics. In 2019 he completed his graduate degree in sports journalism. Prior to going to Laurentian, James swam …

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