Ryan Lochte Describes Florida’s “Friday Flyday”

Thanks to presenting partner SPIRE Academy, a scholastic boarding school where individuals: excel academically, master life’s necessary personal skills, experience tomorrow’s emerging career opportunities and exceed expectations in their sport or other passion specialization.

When 12x Olympic medalist and SPIRE Ambassador Ryan Lochte was in high school, it was “Friday Funday” every week. But when Lochte got to college, head coach Gregg Troy had a different take on what Fridays were for.

Watch Ryan Lochte beat Michael Phelps in the 100 fly in Phelps’ first race of his comeback in 2014.

We went to a very special practice in Geneva, Ohio: a SPIRE Academy Swim Camp featuring SPIRE Ambassador Ryan Lochte.  See it the PRACTICE + PANCAKES with Lochte here.

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1 month ago

Daily Lochte articles give me life!

1 month ago

i feel like this community has forgotten how great peak lochte was. we are lucky to have this type of content, because no other swimmer of this caliber is giving this type of insight. swimmers are so guarded in their training strategies and tactics, but arguably the second greatest swimmer of all time is dropping nuggets here and people are complaining.

Steve Nolan
Reply to  eagleswim
1 month ago

Getting ready for World’s Strongest Man this week – yes I’m into it leave me alone, you like swimming – I was reminded that basically all those guys have YouTube channels and post a training video at least once a week.

It’s like they’re all Cody Miller. Seems like a massive difference and a big missed opportunity for most swimmers. (Like, they’re not posting every workout! Just enough to get people to click and that sweet, sweet ad revenue.)

Reply to  Steve Nolan
1 month ago

Yesss another world’s strongest man fan!

1 month ago

These could’ve been one article

Reply to  Hmmmm
1 month ago

You do understand the advertising strategy through the Lochte articles for Spire, right?

Reply to  Hmmmm
1 month ago

Should’ve been one article/video but they get more clicks this way 🙄

Temptress of Storms
Reply to  Hmmmm
1 month ago

It’s fascinating to me how much the same people who complain about having to pay $5 to watch a swim meet get so mad about having tons of free content from one of the 3 best male swimmers in history that also supports the outlet that for free publicizes their children’s college commitments, holds pedophile coaches and governing bodies accountable, and creates a genuine chronicle for the sport of swimming.

And all of this wingeing and moaning when you literally could have just *scrolled past* to the 800 other pieces of content they published today for free (but you won’t, because you’re actually curious to know what Lochte has to say).

It’s like everyone is in such a rush to… Read more »

Steve Nolan
1 month ago

comment image

Sun Yangs Hammer
Reply to  Steve Nolan
1 month ago

Yes honey

1 month ago

Amazing story! Thank you.

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