Polish Championships Day 1: Juraszek Becomes Sole Addition To OLY Roster


Upon the conclusion of the first night of finals at the 2021 Polish Swimming Championships, Paweł Juraszek has likely added his name to the 2020 Olympic roster. Juraszek swam a 21.77 50 freestyle to win the men’s final which is under the FINA A standard of 22.01 and just a little slower than his 21.72 morning swim. Karol Ostrowski and Konrad Czerniak were both in the running for the crown but were a little short, hitting a 22.06 and 22.12, respectively.

In the women’s 50 freestyle, Alicja Tchórz swam a 25.23 to final the final and improve upon her prelims swim of 26.04. The swim, however, was a little bit off the 24.77 she needed in order to qualify for Tokyo. Kornelia Fiedkiewicz was a 25.31 for silver while Anna Dowgiert rounded out the podium with a 25.45 for bronze.

Pawel Korzeniowski and Ksawery Masiuk entered the men’s 100 butterfly final as the top 2 seeds but were ultimately overtaken by Jakub Majerski who won the event in a 51.91. That was just under the Olympic selection standard of 51.96 which he had already cleared a few months ago when he swam a 51.64. During the final, Korzeniowski fell to third place with a 52.35 while Masiuk wound up fifth in a 52.69. Rounding out the top 5, Konrad Czerniak hit a 52.33 for 2nd place while Marcin Cieślak notched a 52.69 for 5th.

The women’s 100 butterfly was lead by Paulina Peda pulled off a solid win, dropping from a 1:01.91 7th place finish in the prelims to a 58.99 gold medal performance. Despite being the fastest in the field, Peda wasn’t quite able to get under the Tokyo qualification cut of 57.92.

In the men’s 400 IM, Dawid Szwedzki swam to victory in a 4:17.12 which was considerably faster than his 4:31.79 from prelims. Top seed heading into the finals Dominik Bujak was a 4:19.02 for silver while Krzysztof Chmielewski hit a 4:23.16. Szwedzki’s 4:17.12 was the closest anyone got to the 4:15.84 Olympic cut but was still a little short.

Another group of swimmers dropped a decent amount of time in the women’s 400 IM as Zuzanna Famulok went from a 5:05.57 in the morning to a 4:51.56 to win the final. As was the case on the men’s side, the fastest woman in the field was still off the FINA A in the event of 4:38.53. Kinga Paradowska and Justyna Poznańka also managed to dip under 5 minutes as they swam a 4:54.85 and 4:55.74, respectively.

The last two individual events of the day were the men’s 1500 and women’s 800 timed finals. Krzysztof Chmielewski took the men’s title in a 15:36.64, just ahead of Bartłomiej Koziejko‘s 15:38.57 while Paulina Piechota won the 800 in an 8:44.93, just ahead of Klaudia Tarasiewicz‘s 8:48.95. Both the men’s and women’s fields missed the Tokyo cut of 15:00.99 in the 1500 and 8:33.36 in the 800.

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