Photo Vault: Carly Rae Tanner at CAA Championships

A year ago, Carly Rae Tanner was swimming at the NCAA Championships for UNC-Wilmington. This year, she moved behind the lens to capture the UNC-W men’s 13th straight CAA Conference Championship. Enjoy the vault of Carly’s photos below to recapture the drama of last weekend’s conference championship run.

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400 medley relay silver (1)

UNC-W’s 400 Medley relay team took silver. Courtesy of Carly Rae Tanner.

Engen before 100 breast

Jenson Engen steps up for the championship final of the 100 breast. Courtesy of Carly Rae Tanner.


UNC-W head coach Dave Allen does some poolside coaching on Saturday night. Courtesy of Carly Rae Tanner.


Courtesy of Carly Rae Tanner.


Courtesy of Carly Rae Tanner.


Courtesy of Carly Rae Tanner.

Souther before 100 breast

Christine Souther prepares for the 100 breast final.


Courtesy of Carly Rae Tanner.


Coach Dave Allen joins the team for the customary championship bath. Courtesy of Carly Rae Tanner.

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It’s a great day to be a Seahawk, thanks for sharing, Carly!


I’ve shot (and swum) at the UMD pool a few times and even though the natatorium is well-lit, there’s always this yellowish tinge to the photos. The color of the water even comes out different than it does anywhere else. Can’t put my finger on it and it drives me a little nuts.

It’s a White Balance issue. You need to shoot a 50% grey card or white card and then adjust the pictures in Photoshop or comparable software. You probably have sodium lights, florescent lamps, and sunlight all combining to produce white that isn’t “white.”

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