Phelps: “My lactate was at 12 after the 200 fly” (Video)

Captured by Katrina Radke (@katrinaradke_), produced by Coleman Hodges. 

Reported by Anne Lepesant. 

Michael Phelps of North Baltimore, seeded second behind teammate Chase Kalisz after the morning’s heats, looked ready to take control of the championship final. Phelps turned first at the 50 wall and at the 100 wall, about a body length ahead of Kalisz. Kalisz, an excellent finisher, closed the gap over the second half of the race and wound up getting to the wall just ahead of the world record-holder. Kalisz went 1:58.07 for the win; Phelps was second in 1:58.38.

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Can anyone explain what it means to have a lactate of 12?

Mr. A

It means 12mmol of lactate in a liter of blood. Definitely too much to swim fast, but not really anything magnificently high.

Manx Bobster

Well, you know how Spinal Tap’s amps go up to 11…?

What he does is, if he needs that extra push over the cliff, you know what he does? Put it up to twelve. Twelve. Exactly. One more painful.

Joel Lin

These go to 12.

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