Pen Pineapple Paddle Head Drill – Video

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February 10th, 2017 News, Video

Courtesy of Ryan Rosenbaum / Phlex Swim Channel

One of the more important aspects of improving our swimming technique is minimizing drag in our stroke. You can gain precious time in your race by simply avoiding the extra drag that results in bad body position.

The freestyle paddle head drill is an easy exercise that can significantly improve your freestyle efficiency. A very common mistake in freestyle at all levels is lifting the head up when breathing. The upwards motion of the head creates a surface drag that slows us down and decreases stroke efficiency. Keeping the head flat allows us to save a lot more energy and swim faster with the same effort.

For the drill, you are going to need a pulling paddle. You then place the paddle on the front of your head and try swimming regular freestyle, preferably breathing to both sides. You know you’re doing the drill right if the paddle doesn’t fall off of your head.

Stroke Clinic is our chance to spread some of our swimming knowledge to everyone. By improving various aspects of a swimmer through technique and drill corrections, you will find yourself a more efficient swimmer. No matter what your experience level.
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Tom Dodd
5 years ago
Tom Dodd
5 years ago

We call it Top Hat an and it has been around for a while.

Ryan Rosenbaum
5 years ago

My boy Marcin Cieslak back from Poland helping us shoot more great Stroke Clinic videos for the YT channel