Out of Africa…a story of 2 swimming brothers

David has reached many International finals. At the London Games this summer, he intends to final in the 50m "big one!" (photo courtesy: David Dunford)

For many swimming enthusiasts, even before the Beijing Olympics, there has been a noticeably slow–yet interesting rise of swimming stars coming from the African continent. Most of the impact from the African nations has been primarily that of  South Africa. Of course there was a huge media attention derived from the incredible performances of Kirsty Conventry during the 2004 Olympics in Athens and continued through to the World Champs in 2009. This summer in London, however, Jason Dunford and David Dunford plan on making finals and pushing the limit as far as they can…maybe even a podium position for a son of Kenya!


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Mr. Dunford’s actions towards Cielo in Shanghai were very uncalled for: think what you may, Cielo had been cleared from all wrong-doing by the ultimate instance of the sport To still dispute that ruling with an inelegant outburst during the race was at minimum wanting of good sportsmanship. Were Mr. Dunford’s understanding that he was denied something, there were a plethora of other appropriate actions he could have taken. Such behavior may have expressed his personal feelings (and, I am sure, the feelings of many in the sport – including my own), but it did more: it showed he had no respect for the governing bodies of the sport of which he is an athlete. It also showed he had… Read more »


Wasn’t it the Brazil federation who levied the penalties? After having their 8th elite/semi-elite swimmer test positive in 18 months? Don’t you think there’s something fishy going on down there?


Yes, I do. The entire episode was fishy. And I think the Brazilian Federation (CBDA) is mostly to blame: their behavior was very questionable. So much so that FINA questioned it.


The only problem I have with Jason’s actions at World Champs was that some people now think he lacks class, and that he is aconcerned sore loser when the truth is that he and his brother both ooze class from their pores. I don’t think it’s a crime to express your emotions, even in such a public venue. Should he be commended for it? Probably not. It doesn’t take much effort to make a gesture like that, though it does require some courage and belief in your values. But to say that he should respect the decision of FINA or Brazilian Federation and leave it be is to assume that the system doesn’t have any flaws, which is a very… Read more »


I never said he should “leave it be”: au contraire: I said he should “respect” and pursue other ways to amend whatever it is he thinks is wrong. That’s how the law works.


To write off Jason Dunford as either a swimmer or a person because of what happened at World Championships is a huge mistake. Nadador, you seem to think that the governing bodies (either FINA or the Brazilian Federation) are free of flaws, or at that you should accept the system’s decision, even if it is flawed. At best your are naive, at worst, you are a fascist. If you think that monetary considerations to both didn’t come into the decision to let Cesar swim (or any other decision by FINA or an NGB for that matter), I have a tropical island in Ottawa to sell you. Under your view, we shouldn’t protest what by all accounts seems to be the… Read more »


A pair of sand up lads. That is all.

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