Nort: Creating a great learning environment

by Katrina Radke 1

January 30th, 2013 News

Katrina Radke talks with Olympic coach Nort Thornton on fostering a learning environment for the athletes, developing a team environment, helping the athletes become their own best coaches, and helping teammates learn from each other, through creative playing in the water.

When we can trust our own power, and explore new possibilities and help each other by sharing what we see and experience, we all benefit.

Nort also shares a story where he had his athletes watch and learn from one of the greatest breaststrokers of all time – Kosuke Kitajima.

To check out the first two of several interviews that Katrina did with Nort Thornton:

Katrina Radke is an Olympic Swimmer, Sport Psychology Professor, Motivational Speaker, Health and Peak Potential Expert, and Coach. She is also a Bestselling Author of Be Your Best Without the Stress, and co-producer of 7 Ultimate Fitness Routines. Want to connect with her?,,

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nort fan

The gift that keeps on giving…Love that man!

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Katrina Radke, MFT, is an internationally recognized Olympian, therapist, college psychology instructor, and a peak performance and health coach for many fields, including business, sport psychology, fitness, wellness and nutrition. She is a motivational speaker for corporate, educational and public events, and works with top physicians and health professionals. She …

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