VIDEO: Olympic Medalist Caitlin Leverenz on Cal Bears NCAAs, training, engagement, and what she does for strength

by Katrina Radke 8

March 24th, 2014 News, Video

Caitlin Leverenz, a long time great swimmer for the Cal Bears, and USA, who won bronze in 200 IM in 2012 Olympic Games in London, shares thoughts on Cal Bears NCAAs, her strength work: “I love ropes…they kick my butt”, getting married and upcoming meets.  She is engaged to Cal water polo player, Colin. They are getting married in January 2015 in Arizona.

She talks about training IM with Elizabeth Pelton, Celina Li, Kelly Naze, Caroline Piehl, and Missy Franklin.

She is looking forward to summer nationals, and international competition.


Katrina Radke is an Olympic Swimmer, Sport Psychology Professor, Cal Alum, and Bestselling Author of Be Your Best Without the Stress, and 7 Ultimate Fitness Routines. She also runs a motivational, peak performance business, WECOACH4U with her husband, Olympic Coach and former Stanford Coach, Ross Gerry.

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John Sampson
8 years ago

What does the men’s team (and Natalie Coughlin) do for strength training? Because doesn’t Colleen fotsch only work with the women’s team?

I wonder if some of the Cal girls really were “looking past” NCAAs like Liz Pelton suggested or if they swam poorly. I would guess a combination because I don’t see how Pelton and Bootsma added so much time in their respected events…

Reply to  John Sampson
8 years ago

Unless someone can pull the interview/quote and show me, I believe that the S.W. interviewer misquoted Liz Pelton to McKeever and took something she said out of context.

All I’ve heard was that Pelton said in an interview that despite not swimming well the past few weeks, she knew that the work she had done would pay off in long course. But she didn’t indicate that she was focusing on long course or prioritizing differently.

8 years ago

How much of Cal’s mediocre performance (as compared to prior seasons for returning swimmers) can be attributed to Nick Folker’s departure? Anyone have insight/opinions?

8 years ago

Love her! She has such great school spirit. She came out to a few home dual meets in season as well and it’s always a pleasure. And congrats to her and her fiance.

8 years ago

It’s been awhile since CAL has had a really good breastroker (and she left after 1 year, I think–Hardy), especially for being one of the top 3 teams for the last so many years. I wonder what their breaststroke group does. It’s not like they aren’t getting good recruits either. It certainly makes you wonder.

Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
8 years ago

Maybe you should say sprint breaststroker, as Leverenz made international teams in 200m breast during her time there. She was also able to pop good sprints for the relays. Hardy may have transferred, but before that Stitts developed into an Olympian in the 100 breast. To be fair that is traveling back pretty far.

I bet their breaststroke training is as good as anywhere.

bobo gigi
8 years ago

Wow! Caitlin would have been very useful on breaststroke for Cal.
I can’t still understand what happened to Marina Garcia.
I really wish her a good sophomore season.

However, to come back to Miss Leverenz, she will have to be stronger than ever next summer if she wants to qualify to Kazan 2015.
Maya DiRado is on fire and is now the best American IMer in my opinion.
Elizabeth Beisel is a warrior and will not be easy to delodge in the 400 IM.
Elizabeth Pelton can still be great in the 200 IM. I continue to believe in her huge potential in that event. Of course if she works her breaststroke 24/7 until the… Read more »

Reply to  bobo gigi
8 years ago

Some people aren t that good in yards.Arthur Mendes(Auburn) has 52.7 in 100fly(LCM) but only 46.3 in yards(i expected a full second faster…)

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