Katrina Radke

Katrina Radke, MFT, is an internationally recognized Olympian, therapist, college psychology instructor, and a peak performance and health coach for many fields, including business, sport psychology, fitness, wellness and nutrition. She is a motivational speaker for corporate, educational and public events, and works with top physicians and health professionals. She also is an endorser, and an actor.

Her swimming accomplishments include winning four gold medals in major international competition, 5th place in 1988 Olympics, United States co-captain, former American record holder, youngest U.S. National Team Member at age 14 and United States National Champion in 1990.

Katrina’s health story is inspirational as she competed again in the 2004 Olympic Trials, placing her in world rankings again after 12 years of debilitating disease.

Katrina has served on the Board of Directors and as Director of Olympian Relations and Spokesperson for the Bay Area Sports Organizing Committee (BASOC) in San Francisco advocating for San Francisco’s bid for the 2012 Olympic Games, and championing community sports programs. She has worked in the corporate world as a business executive. She is a graduate of Cal Berkeley and Germantown Academy, and did her masters at SCSU and part of her internship through Yale University School of Medicine.

She and her husband, Ross Gerry, Olympic and former Stanford coach, reside in MN, and run a peak potential and health business, wecoach4u.com, coaching both athletes and non-athletes. She empowers others to find their true selves as they fulfill their potential and feel satisfied within.

She looks forward to sharing her love of swimming and knowledge as a therapist, to help you be your best, in all areas of your life, while finding and living your dream, in the process!

Katrina’s inspiring and powerful “how to” peak potential and wellness book, Be Your Best Without the Stress will be available on June 4, 2012. She shares her inspirational Olympic journey as well as provides powerful, yet simple tools to help you achieve your dreams while leaving the stress behind!

Katrina Radke Journal EntryShe covers various topics including, but not limited to: her own inspiring Olympic journey and how to: know what motivates you, create your dream life, manage obstacles, take care of yourself, and fulfill your potential while feeling deeply satisfied within. Specifically, sport psychology and peak performance tools, relationship issues, exercise, nutrition, meditation are all covered. Check it out!

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