NCAA Division I Meets To Watch For November 20th – November 23rd

On top of the always fast Minnesota Grand Prix, there are some very exciting mid season invites to keep an eye on.

The Art Adamson Invitational at Texas A&M should be one of the fast meets of the weekend. Participants include:

  • SMU
  • LSU
  • TCU
  • Arizona State
  • Stanford
  • Grand Canyon
  • Boise State women’s team

These teams will all square off with the host Aggies over the three day meet. There are also teams entering just divers.

The North Carolina Tar Heels are hosting the Nike Cup this weekend, which features some of the top teams in the state of North Carolina, as well as a strong SEC opponent and some fast mid major teams:

  • UNC
  • Tennessee
  • NC State
  • Duke
  • Navy
  • East Carolina
  • Old Dominion
  • Air Force

The Ohio State Invitational will put three of the top big ten teams, Wisconsin, Purdue, and the host Buckeyes, against each other, as well as bring in the Kentucky Wildcats and Division III powerhouse Kenyon.

Below, we’ve listed all of the NCAA Division I meets we could. There’s a lot of teams so we’re sure we’ve missed some. Leave them in the comments, and we will add them to our list. If you know of any live streaming video, comment with a link as well.


Missouri Invite 11/20/2014
Nike Cup Invitational 11/20/2014
Mizzou Invitational 11/20/2014
Nike Cup Invitational 11/20/2014
Missouri Invite 11/20/2014
Nike Cup Invitational 11/20/2014
Missouri Invite 11/20/2014
Harold Anderson Invitational 11/20/2014
WAC A3 performance invite 11/20/2014
Wildcat Diving Invitational 11/20/2014
H2okie Invite 11/20/2014
Georgia Tech Invite 11/20/2014
Patriot Invite 11/20/2014
Ohio State Invitational 11/21/2014
Frank Elm Invite (hosted by Rutgers) 11/21/2014
Bucknell Invite 11/21/2014
House of Champions Invite (hosted by IUPUI 11/21/2014
Kansas Classic 11/21/2014
Art Adamson Invitational 11/21/2014
Doug Coers Invitational 11/21/2014
CSU Magnus Invitational 11/21/2014
Terrier Invitational 11/21/2014
Phill Hansel Cougar Invitational 11/21/2014
Pitt Invitational 11/21/2014
Franklin and Marshal Invitational 11/21/2014
Texas Diving Invitational 11/21/2014
Fall Frenzy (Wingate) 11/21/2014
Tyr Invitational (hosted by Northwestern) 11/21/2114
Louisville Invitational 11/21/2014

Dual Meets:

Cornell/Penn @ Princeton 11/21/2014
Columbia @ Harvard 11/21/2014
Cal State East Bay @ Pacific 11/21/2014
Colgate @ Niagra 11/21/2014
Colgate @ Cansius 11/21/2014
Lehigh @ Lafeyette 11/21/2014
South Dakota @ St. Cloud State. 11/21/2014
South Dakota State @ St. Johns 11/21/2014
South Dakota State @ St. Johns 11/22/2014
Sacred Heart @ Manhattan 11/21/2014
Manhattan @ Sienna 11/22/2014


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5 years ago

You are missing the Patriot Invite hosted by George Mason. Invite starts Nov. 20.

Reply to  missing
5 years ago

Thanks – adding it now.

5 years ago

Will there be any live stream for the CSU Magnus Invitational this weekend?