NC State Men, Stanford Women Return To #1 In Division I Polls

by Carly DeMarque 24

February 01st, 2017 ACC, College

The new Division I swimming and diving polls are out with NC State climbing back to the #1 spot after being in third and the Stanford women take the #1 position after sliding back to second.

The NC State men grabbed a pair of wins over the weekend, the first coming to ACC rival UNC-Chapel Hill on Friday night, taking the victory 192-105. The team stood on top of the podium in 13 different events during the meet. In the 200 medley relay, the ‘A’ team of Coleman Stewart, Derek Hren, Andreas Vazaios and Ryan Held finished first with a time of 1:27.14. The men also swept the podium in a number of events, including the 50 free, 100 and 200 backstroke.

In the men’s second meet of the weekend, the Wolfpack took down #13 Virginia. They swept a number of events including – 1000 free, 200 free, 100 backstroke, 50 free.

The Stanford women found their way back into the #1 position, remaining undefeated this season. The Cardinals took down two ranked-foes the first coming over #19 UCLA with a 127-104 win. The team won all but one event in the meet. Diver Kassidy Cook won her third 1-meter dive in the past eight days.

In the teams second dual meet of the weekend, the Cardinals took down #4 USC 202-98 in a dominating Senior Day match up. Lia Neal ended her home swimming career with a pool record in the 400-yard freestyle relay, clocking a time of 3:15.05 – fellow Olympians Simone Manuel, Katie Ledecky and Janet Hu took the other three legs of the race. Manuel took the top mark in the 200 free with a time of 1:42.72, topping the time that Ledecky set just a day earlier.

Editor’s Note: SwimSwam does not participate in the voting for the CSCAA Poll. You can find our most recent Power Rankings, which are designed more as an end-of-year projection than a dual meet projection, can be found here (men) and (women). 

Polls courtesy the CSCAA:

Division I Men

Rank Prev Division I Men
1 3 NC State 242
2 1 California 239
3 2 Texas 231
4 4 Indiana 228
5 7 Georgia 205
6 10 Florida 181
7 12 Auburn 180
7 12 Michigan 180
9 8 Louisville 170
10 9 Alabama 162
11 4 Stanford 158
12 15 Virginia 123
13 17 Arizona State 118
14 6 Missouri 117
15 16 Southern Cal 111
16 Tennessee 105
17 11 Arizona 95
18 20 Ohio State 75
19 21 Notre Dame 73
20 Minnesota 70
21 18 Florida State 38
22 19 Wisconsin 37
23 23 Harvard 34
23 Duke 34
25 22 Texas A&M 23

Also Receiving VotesDenver 14, Kentucky 6, Virginia Tech 4

Division I Women

Rank Prev Division I Women
1 2 Stanford 300
2 6 California 277
2 1 Texas 277
4 3 Georgia 271
5 4 Southern Cal 249
6 7 Michigan 235
7 9 NC State 225
8 5 Virginia 217
9 8 Texas A&M 216
10 10 Louisville 189
11 11 Auburn 176
12 12 Wisconsin 168
13 13 Missouri 149
13 15 Tennessee 148
15 14 Indiana 137
16 18 Kentucky 116
17 17 Arizona 98
18 22 Duke 97
19 20 Florida 77
19 16 Minnesota 76
21 19 UCLA 71
22 21 Ohio State 60
23 North Carolina 27
24 25 Louisiana State 9
24 Notre Dame 9

Also Receiving Votes: Yale 7 , Florida State 4 , Boise State 4 , Purdue 3 , Virginia Tech 3 , Denver 1

Women’s Poll Committee

Colleen Murphy, Air Force;   Dan Colella, Duke;  Randy Horner, Florida International;  Ryan Wochomurka, Houston;  Lars Jorgenson, Kentucky;  Kelly Kremer, Minnesota;  Suzanne Yee, Princeton;  Mike Keeler, San Diego;  Roric Fink, Texas;  Tanica Jamison, Texas A&M;  Katie Robinson, Tulane;  Naya Higashijima, UCLA;  Colin Shannahan, Wagner

Men’s Poll Committee

Mandy Commons-Disalle Cincinnati ;  Brian Schrader Denver ;  Steve Schaffer Grand Canyon ;  Bill Roberts Navy ;  Gary Taylor NC State ;  Dan Ross Purdue ;  Craig Nisgor Seattle ;  McGee Moody South Carolina ;  Dave Salo Southern California ;  Chad Craddock UMBC ;  Vic Riggs West Virginia

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  1. Dawgpaddle says:

    Looks pretty solid for this point in the season. Not sure about UVA men at 12. Obviously at NCAA the order will shift a bit. Polls at this point are fun to study. This month will be exciting with conference challenges and many great swims. The on to “The Greatest Show on Earth” in March. (We can finally claim that since the Barnum and Bailey Circus will be no more…sad to say.)

  2. Raised by wolves says:


  3. Troy says:

    I dont think the Georgia girl have been ranked lower than 3rd in the last 5 years.

  4. coach says:

    How are the kal gals even no 2 when they’d be lucky to break into the top 10 this year? They have zero scorers in the mile, 500, breaststrokes, 400 IM. Their best 200 freestyler is a sprinter who’ll struggle to qualify for B finals in March. Unlike Stanford they just don’t have any top end depth outside of the 100 fly & 100 back. Also McKeever’s training tends to cause her swimmers to get serious, untimely injuries. Injuries will impact Pac12 & NCAA results.

    I can’t fathom how any team, let alone kal, can even hope to get within 150 points of the Cardinal this year!

    • dmswim says:

      Cal currently has Katie McLaughlin ranked 10th in the 500 free, Marina Garcia ranked 8th in the 200 breast, and Celina Li ranked 12th in the 400 IM, so currently they do have scorers in those events. They have the top 2 spots in the 200 back, 4 swimmers in the top 12 in the 100 fly, and three in the top 16 in the 50 free. Also they are ranked 1st in 2 relays, 2nd in two relays, and 3rd in the other. While they may not be #2, they are most certainly Top 10.

  5. Squeeps says:

    The fact that the UNC men continued to be neglected is ridiculous. When they crack the top 10 at ACC’s maybe then people will realize.

  6. GoPack says:

    How’s THAT for a red revolution STATEment???!!!

  7. WolfPack says:

    Not much to say here. Top 3 seem to be in the right order. #STATEment

  8. Raised by wolves says:

    Ask me if I’m shocked……..nope! The echos of wolves’ howls can be heard all the way out in Berkeley, California. Going to have to unbuckle this white belt, because we eatin good now! Too bad I just got my satin vest tailored:/ but the snapbacks always stay fitted HAHA!! You thought the red storm was over oh but it’s only just begun, and this storm doesn’t bring rain it brings STATEments!!!!

  9. Mustard stain on my trousers says:

    UNC are you good?? Hey Campbell, chin beard up it’ll be ok. Well… it won’t, but gotta stay positive ya know. Maybe see if some of the girl’s team can swim at conference for the men?

  10. Swimson says:

    Really confused that UNC isn’t on this list. Of my sixty plus years of analyzing college swimming, even when Mike Peppe used to run the tables at the Ohio State University (cringe), I have never seen a team swim with so much heart as this Tarheel team has. Nor have I seen a coach motivate his kids as much as DeSelm does. “It’s never fun to lose”- what an inspiring way to put it. The swimmers clearly feed off this energy so much that they try so hard in their events that they can barely break 47 in the 4 free relay. Thats one of the gutsiest performances I’ve ever seen in my long, storied swim career.

    • NC Swim Fan says:

      Do you understand how immature you sound? Maybe you are a 15 year old kid, and it would make sense. But otherwise, you just sound like a jerk. Do you feel better about yourself by talking trash about college swimmers on a swimming message board? If so, your life is going to be miserable.

  11. Frank the tank says:

    The fallen must rise. MIZ.

  12. JP name too short says:

    What is this world coming to when people feel the need to troll a swimming news page?

    • Bubble burst says:

      NC State fans are actually the worst. All they do is lurk on this website and troll other programs.

      • Joey Joe joe says:

        I don’t know what their problem is, they trash talk literally every other team. They just have some fixation on being the loudest and most obnoxious team wherever they go.

      • Bigtime says:

        You are assuming that they are fans and not the many many trolls there are on the site now.

  13. Hashtag my hashtag says:

    Indiana should be #3 they destroyed the longhorns earlier this year without Mohammed Samy and a healthy Ian Finnerty. Plus Oliver Patrouch and Sam Lorentz reportedly have a lot more to show for NCAAs

  14. shasha says:

    Fantastic rise by the Wolfpack! Particularly their coaches ability to improve their swimmers. Not long ago they hardly had any NCAA qualifiers. I hope they can win ACCs without resting everybody so they can focus more on nationals.

  15. Jim C says:

    How did the Texas women lose to Stanford and then overtake an undefeated Stanford team in the previous poll?

  16. PACK puppy says:

    I’m 15 and I already plan to swim for the Wolfpack one day. Best team and coolest mascot and fans in the NCAA!

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