“My seasons have become much more analytical”


If you are a coach and don’t use Commit yet, odds are you use clunky software or paper and pencil to write practices.

In the meantime, other swim teams are improving faster and saving time by using Commit, the world’s #1 swimming workout manager, to track their training.

While you search through papers to figure out what sets you did last June, it takes 10 seconds to find in Commit.

You are not confident in why your taper didn’t work this season.

And it would take you days of work to tell me how much volume each one of your swimmers did every week of the year for the past 12 months.

And there is no chance you know what % of that training volume was kick vs. quality stroke work vs. threshold work.

You can’t improve if you don’t track in a simple way.

And right now, swimming is getting fast. Scary fast.

Teams that have adopted Commit’s workout management suite have seen improved training quality, faster swimming, more coach collaboration, and increased swimmer engagement.

The truth is, you need every edge you can get…

  • No credit card required
  • Customize your own training terminology
  • Plans for all swim team types (high school, club, college, elite, age-group, masters, etc.)

6 benefits you experience when you start using Commit Swimming


“I am more organized and in control.”

With Commit, you are more organized, practice is more organized, it’s easier to write workouts that fit into the pool time you have, and workouts run more smoothly.

Coaches using Commit often say that once they start using Commit they can’t picture going back to life without it.

And a big reason for why Commit sticks with coaches like you is because you end up being more organized and in control.


“It is user-friendly:-) and saves me a lot of time”

You might currently use different workout management software or you might right workouts on paper or in a Google Doc.

No matter how you write your practices today, you will save hours of time every week after you switch to Commit.

Coaches using other workout managers often switch to Commit and note it’s simplicity and time savings compared to other options out there.

You don’t have to manually tally yardage and time to know how long your workout is or how long it will take. Commit takes care of that for you as you type.

In general, your ability to log workouts will become a lot easier with Commit, as it is user-friendly and saves you time in many ways.


“Our staff is more organized and the seasons run more smoothly when they can not only see their season planned out but also track it daily.”

You can write workouts in Commit and have all of your coaches access them digitally from anywhere.

This is great for developing new coaches, staying in sync across your program with regards to seasonal planning and program consistencies.

With Commit, your staff is more organized and things run more smoothly across the board.

Your coaches grow much faster because of the transparency and sharing of ideas across your team.


“Better quality control of team programming & athlete development”

Your overall program quality and athlete development will begin to improve and show steady consistency once you start using Commit.

Coaches like you often cite that it is easier to address weaknesses in the training program, that there is better overall practice structure/ variety for athletes, and that seasons become more analytical with Commit.

Commit forces you to be more precise in your training plan which has the downstream effect of improving the training quality across your entire team.


“The program broke 17 school records this season”

You see in plain sight what your training volume and breakdown looks like through time in Commit.

Because of how Commit makes it easy for you to analyze weeks and months within your season, you can see the bigger picture while writing a workout (this just isn’t possible in a Google Doc).

Coaches often mention how Commit helps significantly with rest and taper by providing fast and easy access to real training data.

You will begin to see more consistent performances and improvements from swimmers across multiple seasons.

Many coaches correlate taper success with their use of Commit.


“Swimmers pay more attention to workouts”

If it’s not already clear how adopting Commit Swimming will benefit you as a coach and your program as a whole, increased swimmer engagement should push you over the top.

Because Commit comes with an athlete version of the app for swimmers on your team, swimming programs that use Commit notice swimmers paying more attention to workouts.

Coaches generally say that swimmers are more interested in their training and show an increased sense of engagement.

Live Demo of Commit

Of course, there are a ton of features inside of Commit that make it more than just a smart workout editor. Try them out yourself by clicking the button below:

  • No credit card required
  • Customize your own training terminology
  • Plans for all swim team types (high school, club, college, elite, age-group, masters, etc.)


“Commit Swimming definitely improves the quality of my workouts and helps me be more efficient with my time.”


Stephen Clendenin, Head Site Coach, Nation’s Capital Swim Club

Read the Nation’s Capital Swim Club Case Study

“Commit is great, especially when you have multiple coaches trying to track the workouts of different groups training at the same time. It makes it easy to keep track of the planning.”


Emma Svensson, Assistant Coach, Florida State University

Read the Florida State Case Study

Simple. Powerful.


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