Michael Andrew Re-Breaks 100 Breast, 100 Free NAG Records; Goes Under 54 Seconds

14-year old pro swimmer Michael Andrew has re-broken his own National Age Group Record in the 100 yard breaststroke, swimming a 53.88 to win the 14 & under division at the 2014 NASA Junior National Cup. Andrew split 25.07/28.81 in the race, which clears the 54.04 that he did at the Jenks Sectional on March 7th.

Andrew became the firs 13-14 to go under 56 seconds, then the first to go under 55 seconds, and he’s now the first to go under 54 seconds in this event, which shows just how far he (and Reece Whitley) have taken this record in the last year.

Andrew now holds the 6 fastest times in this event in the history of the age group, and is 1.8 seconds clear of Reece Whitley’s second-ranked 55.61.

He wasn’t the fastest swimmer overall at this meet in the event, Texas-bound high school senior Austin Temple was a 52.87 in the 16 & up division. That time is within a tenth of what Texas’ breaststroker split on their 400 medley relay at NCAA’s on Thursday.

Andrew followed that swim with a 43.90 in the 100 free, which also broke his own National Age Group Record of 44.16 set in February. Andrew split 20.66/23.24 en route to his second record-breaking swim of the session.

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John Sampson

I think he needs to start focusing on LCM training for the summer now! We all are in awe of his crazy SCY times, but like floppy stated- he needs to look towards the horizon and start thinking about the big boy stage! I don’t quite know how USRPT works or if it would be counter productive to do a solid month of just training, but LCM season is fastly approaching and if he wants to make the junior national team even he will have some work to do! Best of luck and congrats on the additional records!

Didn’t Bowman start focusing Phelps’ performances for the big stage by the time he was 13 or 14? NAG records meant very little to him. It was the world stage he was looking at. Does anyone know if this is what Michael’s dad is doing now?

The Andrew Family likes for Michael to break records. But what family wouldn’t want their 14 year old kid to break records and have fun while he is doing it. There is no question Michael loves swimming, breaking records, and the publicity he gets. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. There is also no question that what Michael is doing right now – breaking age group records – is great for the sport. The publicity for the sport of swimming because of Michael is tremendous. Peter has set a schedule to maximize the chances for Michael to break 13-14 NAG records and improve upon the records he already has. During the week he turns 15 he will be… Read more »

“I don’t quite know how USRPT works…” sandwiched in between comments about what he should be doing.

Says it all. Not every post on the internet needs to be brilliant but yours unfortunately seems to fall quite short of that standard.

^ that

John Sampson
Please excuse my ignorance to USRPT I’m stilling reading and learning about it. What I want to know about it (and where my confusion was aimed) was at the affects of not racing every weekend. Is there a long term projectory with USPRT? Or do you train on a week by week basis and redirect your focus every week? With Michael racing every week, it would make sense that he focuses his training during the week for the upcoming weekend. So will we ever see him take a break from meets? Or does a swimmer on USRPT set long term goals or is it just baby step goals, one meet at a time? Would training for a straight month be… Read more »
It’s a series of micro goals. You don’t base your practice paces on what you want to go at your next meet, you base your expectations at the next meet on what paces you’ve been able to hold in practice. If you can hold that pace for too many repetitions, you pick a faster time next practice. If your practice paces get faster or you can hold more of them at the same pace, then you can reasonably expect a drop in your next meet. The ideal season under a USRPT program is one where you make small, consistent improvements the whole season, culminating in you fastest times being at the championship meet. It’s a bit different from the more… Read more »

Would it be counter productive to do a month of just training? No way. The question you should be asking yourself is: is it counter productive to race every weekend with Michael’s training program. The evidence of the past month seems to also be “no way.”

Richard Henderson

I think Chas Morton infamy is more than unfair. He had a good college career at Stanford. He may be very happy with the way his career unfolded!!

Justin Thompson
I like how the conversation always turns around this kid. A couple of years ago people criticized him for not racing the top swimmers in his age group like he had an unlimited travel budget. Then people moved on and claimed it was just a result of his early development and he couldn’t beat records in the longer distances or in LCM for that matter. Now that he owns records in races in distances from 50 to 400, in SCY and LCM, and in EVERY STROKE, here you have people saying he’s a bum because he’s breaking NAGs every week. How far the conversation has turned and now we are talking about him on the same level as Phelps. People… Read more »
Swimmer Kid

I agree with you 100% percent

I agree[2].

I found funny when people are talking about Andrew having to decide to race with the BIG BOYS when guys like Magnussen and Chieriguini begin their swim career at sixteen, and Cielo become a (TRUE) freestyler at fifteen.

Let the kid have fun.

I don’t consider myself to be in the “peanut gallery”. I am asking a question because I would like an answer. Comparing Andrews to Phelps is inevitable. If Michael Andrews makes it to the big leagues, more than swimming fans will be making those comparisons. The big time media will be doing it over and over so get used to it. The swimming world is a very small community in the big picture. Once the media gets ahold of this kid, everything is going to change for him. So, I will ask this once more without snarky comments. Is Team Andrews looking to competing beyond the NAG horizon?

Michael and his Father have said that their goal is to swim in Rio. I am sure that you can glean your answer from there.

Who called him a bum? Is everybody on here just supposed to be fanboys? If you are going to have articles about you every day people are going to ask questions and give their opinions. As far as I can tell Michael and his family are far less insecure about other peoples questions/thoughts than some of the fans commenting here. One thing I can tell you about swimmers/swimmers is that they like to delve into the nuances of the sport. If you don’t want people to demonize the Andrews for trying something different then stop demonizing others for having a different thought process.

Justin take it easy, no need to get offensive. These people are speculating here and want him to succeed just as much as you. I have watched this kid and followed every meet he’s had this year. I was a huge fan of Phelps because of his talent and ability to consistently improve and break records and I would LOVE for this kid to do the same as he gets older. I think Michael Andrew is Bowman’s worst nightmare, and I can guarantee that he is following how this kid is doing even if he were to ever deny it. Phelps was Bowman’s baby and the fact that his training regime and philosophy contradicts Michael Andrew’s approach is worrying him… Read more »

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