Madisyn Cox on Weekend of 3-for-3 Best Times: “I don’t think I’ve been happier”


Reported by Robert Gibbs.

While swims fans have been treated to some fast swimming this past week at the European Championships, top-notch US swimmers have been looking sharp three weeks out from the USA’s Olympic Trials.

Case in point: tonight, former Texas Longhorn Madisyn Cox came up big with a 2:08.51 in the 200 IM. That time makes her the fastest women in the world so far in 2021, ahead of the 2:08.73 Australian Kaylee McKeown clocked a week ago at the Sydney Open. McKeown was slightly faster last December, having gone 2:08.23.

Cox’s time tonight also moves her to #3 all-time among US women, jumping her up from #8.


  1. Ariana Kukors – 2:06.15
  2. Kathleen Baker – 2:08.32
  3. Madisyn Cox – 2:08.51
  4. Melanie Margalis – 2:08.70
  5. Maya DiRado – 2:08.79

From that list, Cox, Baker, and Margalis should all clash in this event in just a few weeks, vying for the top two places that’ll earn them an Olympic berth in this event.

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3 months ago

I know this is a bit unrelated but it was part of the same article earlier about Madisyn Cox but gunner bentz went a 1:57 in the 2 fly at the meet I’m a bit surprised by this only because it seemed like he was under the radar for quite some time. Now he’s ranked fourth among Americans this year wonder if this has to do with the move to Texas?

3 months ago

Madeline “Maya” DiRado posted her personal best time in the final of the women’s 200 meter individual medley at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Reply to  Smith-King-Dahlia-Manuel
3 months ago


Reply to  Yabo
3 months ago

I think they might be remarking on the quality of those times and how you need to be world-class to be in the top 5 times?

Awsi Dooger
Reply to  Yabo
3 months ago

That poster is a glorified bot. With apology to bots

3 months ago

Happy for her

Texas Tap Water
3 months ago

Madisyn Cox is QUEEN!

Reply to  Texas Tap Water
3 months ago

Hopefully she does not drink (too much) Texas tap water any more.

Reply to  jeki
3 months ago

It wasn’t the water it was a supplement. The water was just the only possible explanation before they realized it was the supplement

Reply to  Bruh
3 months ago

This. she keeps getting bagged on for the most traumatic experience of her life. Imagine being in her position and testing positive for a substance you’ve never heard of. I know her well enough to know it was unintentional and she’s always been a clean athlete. She’s also a stand up person day in, day out.

3 months ago

In season meets over. On to the trials. Wave one starts next Friday, wave two only 20 days away.

Reply to  Comet
3 months ago

Yes, no more fresh information. Just rumors and pure guessing left of how it all turns out. The most stressful time for fans 😀

Reply to  Yozhik
3 months ago

And stress for athletes

Reply to  Ghost
3 months ago

Properly executed tapering period is a fun time for many swimmers. And those who don’t taper don’t care much probably about trials. Sure they can be under stress mentally if the in-season period wasn’t that good as they wished it to be. But again one of the goals of tapering is taking stress away and raising swimmer’s spirit. If it isn’t happening then too bad, blame it on coach.

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