Lukas Maertens Shatters Championship Record in Men’s 400 Free with 3:42.50

by Spencer Penland 3

August 17th, 2022 Europe, International, News



  1. Lukas Maertens (GER), 3:42.50
  2. Antonio Djakovic (SUI), 3:43.93
  3. Henning Muehlleitner (GER), 3:44.53
  4. Felix Auboeck (AUT), 3:45.76
  5. Lorenzo Galossi (ITA), 3:46.94
  6. Joris Bouchaut (FRA), 3:47.20
  7. Gabriele Detti (ITA), 3:47.34
  8. Henrik Christiansen (NOR), 3:50.30

Germany hadn’t won Gold yet at these European Championships, until the 400 freestyles came around. Following German teammate Isabel Gose’s victory in the women’s 400 free just minutes before, Lukas Maertens dove in and tore to a new Championship Record to win Gold in the men’s 400 free. The swim frankly shattered the previous Championship Record of 3:44.01, which was set by Italy’s Gabriele Detti at the 2016 European Championships. Detti, coincidentally, was racing in the final tonight, where he finished 7th in 3:47.34.

While the swim was enough to smash the CR, he still sits well off the German Record in the event. That’s because the German Record is also the World Record, held by the legendary Paul Bierdermann at 3:40.07. It’s widely considered to be one of the fastest (hardest to break) men’s records currently on the books. Maertens lifetime best sits at 3:41.60, a time which he swam at the Stockholm Open in April of this year.

Here is a split comparison between Maerten’s swim tonight and Detti’s previous Championship Record from the 2016 Championships:

Splits Lukas Maertens – 2022 European Championships Gabriele Detti – 2016 European Championships
50m 25.74 26.16
100m 28.24 28.24
150m 28.26 28.60
200m 28.39 29.07
250m 28.09 28.50
300m 28.38 28.34
350m 28.07 27.76
400m 27.33 27.34
FINAL TIME 3:42.50 3:44.01

Maertens was out significantly faster than Detti and held a steadier pace. Detti did come home a little faster than Maertens did, but it wasn’t nearly enough to make up the deficit from earlier in the race.


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7 months ago

Yeah good swim

7 months ago

Well… we did get the 3:42 we were looking for, I guess 😀

Go Kamminga Go
Reply to  FST
7 months ago

But we didn’t get 3:39 😔