The Parent’s Survival Guide for Dealing with a Taper

The taper is a confusing, frustrating and hilariously joyous time. Here is a quick guide for parents on how to deal with the various stages of a tapering swimmer.


How To Mentally Cope With Success In The Pool

As a swimmer, if and when you start to rack up some great times and generate some success for yourself, then here are some modes of thinking you want to consider so that you can properly mentally cope with that success and keep it from negatively affecting you as you move forward.

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Finding Mastery: Bob Bowman, ASU Swimming Head Coach

High performance psychologist, Dr. Michael Gervais, interviews people excelling in the most hostile environments to discover the mental skills used to push the boundaries. 2016 Olympic and ASU Head Coach Bob Bowman is the special guest.

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Finding Your Way Back To The Pool After Losing A Loved One

On June 20th, 2013 my family sat in shock as an emergency room nurse broke the news that my Dad had passed away.


Olympic Champion Maarten van der Weijden Breaks 24 Hour Swim WR

2008 Olympic gold medalist in the 10km marathon swim Maarten van der Weijden has improved upon the old World Record for…


Staying In The Game: Focus, Change & Not Staying The Same

Cross knowledge is as important to achieve excellence in athletic performance as cross training.

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Coleman’s Carpool: Chase Kalisz and Olivia Smoliga Play Would You Rather

SwimSwam got in the car with 2016 Olympic medalists Chase Kalisz and Olivia Smoliga, as well as “Purebred” Bulldog, Floyd


7 Parent Tips For The Conference Meet

When it’s conference time, parents have a fun time celebrating their teams and swimmers with gifts, cheers, goodie bags and get-togethers.

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Olympus Has Fallen. How Do We Rebuild Trust for Our Children’s Safety?

The following editorial is the opinion of its author, and does not necessarily represent the views of SwimSwam. American swimming,…


Research Says Swimming Is Australia’s Most Popular Sport

According to a recent research study conducted within the nation of Australia, swimming is identified as the continent’s most popular sport.


Beyond The Times: Life Lessons Learned Through Swimming

As swimmers, our minds are trained to immediately focus on results.


Posterior Oblique Sling Enhancing Swimming Performance, Part II

All competitive strokes have a different amount of connection points. In long axis strokes, there is also difference in between sprint and distance techniques.


8 Quick Strategies For Getting, And Staying, On A Roll

Ultimately, all learning and growth is emotional. Emotions are what bind us to any experience, including our performances.

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SwimSwam Pulse: Only 30% Pick Virginia To Win Women’s ACCs

About 4 out of 10 voters predicted Louisville to win the women’s ACC Championships, with only 30% picking eventual champions Virginia.

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7 Reasons To Love SwimSwam Magazine

SwimSwam Magazines are a big, coming in at nearly a pound per issue. We produce massive print issues designed to sit on your coffee table like a piece of artwork.

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