College Cheating Scandal Aside, The Good Things About College Athletics

The recent college bribery scandal has a lot of parents outraged—including myself. Our kids work so hard to get into college, both in the pool and academically. It’s disheartening to learn that parents paid to get their kids into school — and that college coaches took bribes.

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Get The 2019 SwimSwam Swimsuit Issue

This 196 page issue will be the biggest of the year, and it is over one pound. Inside we feature Olympic Champion and world record holder Kathleen Baker, USRPT king Michael Andrew, and the top college coaches moving from assistant positions to helming large DI programs.

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499 Days To Go Until Tokyo 2020, If It Even Matters

“It’s not every 4 years, it’s every day.”


Speedo USA Partners with Swimmingly for “First Splash Series” Events

Speedo USA and Swimmingly team up to celebrate summer swimming.

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SwimSwam Pulse: 60% Oppose NCAA Scoring Down To 24th

Just under 60% of voters opposed the idea of the NCAA widening its scoring margin and scoring down to 24th place.


9 Basics to Great Swim Parenting

Looking at the big picture of swim parenting—or being involved in any sport—is to allow our kids to experience and learn life lessons with supervision in a structured environment.


Olivia & Natalie Explain Philosophy on “Securing The Bag” (Video)

All you need is a winning mindset. At the forefront of their mental game? Securing the bag. 


5 CrossFit Moves That Directly Translate To Swimming

As the mix of sweat, chlorine and chalk continues, I feel I’m continuing to gain a better grasp on how the paths of CrossFit and swimming can be intertwining.


Poland’s DeepSpot Slated To Be World’s Deepest Pool

What’s set to be the world’s deepest pool will be opening in Msxczonow, Poland this fall.

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How ASMR Videos Help Olivia & Natalie Recover Better (Video)

Being a professional athlete means professionally recovering in between sessions at a swim meet. Olivia Smoliga and Natalie Hinds’ solution? ASMR Videos


Shouts From the Stands: Tidy Up for Championship Season

Tidy up where you can. Make a little mental space for good thoughts and great swims.

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Kathleen Baker on Pro Life with Kitten (Video)

Kathleen Baker was out quick (28.2) and held on in a tight race that came down to the touch with Olivia Smoliga.


SwimSwam Pulse: 39% Pick SEC As Toughest Conference

39.5% of voters said they found the SEC to be the toughest conference overall, with the Pac-12 trailing at 26.3%. The Big Ten (20.7%) and ACC (13.5%) lagged behind.


Where Are the Swim Spectators?

Do other conferences lack swim fans from the general public, too?


See 5 Reasons Why a Custom Woven Towel is Better Than a Generic Towel

Boost your swim team’s spirit with a custom woven towel from Team Towels!

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