Li Zhuhao Wins 2nd Butterfly Race on Day 4 of Chinese Championships


  • Friday, April 13 – Wednesday, April 18, 2018
  • Shanxi Sports Center Swimming Pool, Shanxi, China
  • Full results

Li Zhuhao won his 2nd event and set himself up for a butterfly triple on Tuesday when he won Monday’s 100 fly on day 4 of the 2018 Chinese Championships & Asian Games Selection.

Li swam 51.77 in the 100 fly, which would rank him 9th in the world this season – were he not already ranked 3rd with his 51.10 from the Chinese National Games in September. His swim led a 1-2-3 finish from Zhejiang in the event,

Other top-10-in-the-world swims came from Chen Jie in the women’s 100 back (59.66 – 8th); and Yang Junxuan in the wmoen’s 200 free (10th – 1:56.79).

The notable outlier in Monday’s events was the women’s 200 fly – a time where, for a period, China had the best program in the world. On Monday, they didn’t have any swimmer under 2:10, though China had two break that barrier at the Chinese National Games. Zhou Yilin, who currently ranks 3rd in the world and placed 8th in the event at last year’s World Championships, didn’t participate. Zhang Yufei, who was 2nd on Monday, ranks 2nd in the world with a 2:06.17 from September.


Men’s 100 fly

  1. Li Zhuhao, Zhejiang,51.77
  2. Zheng Zehngjing, Zhejiang, 53.31
  3. Shen Jiahao, Zhejiang, 53.32

Women’s 200 free

  1. Yang Junxuan, Navy, 1:56.79
  2. Li Bingjie, Hebei, 1:57.08
  3. Zhang Yuhan, Army, 1:57.26

Men’s 100 breaststroke

  1. Yan Zibei, Hubei Hosa, 59.26
  2. Qin Haiyang, Navy, 1:00.20
  3. Wang Lizhuo, Navy, 1:00.71

Women’s 200 butterfly

  1. Yu Liyan, Guangdong Hosa, 2:10.06
  2. Zhang Yufei, Jiangsu Sifang, 2:11.71
  3. Zhou Yuqi, Shanxi, 2:12.07

Men’s 400 IM

  1. Wang Shun, Zhejiang, 4:14.02
  2. Wang Yizhe, Shanghai Haosha, 4:16.50
  3. Mao Feilian, Zhejiang, 4:17.46

Women’s 100 backstroke

  1. Chen Jie, Hubei Hosa, 59.66
  2. Wan Xueer, Guangdong Hosa, 59.89
  3. (TIE) Pen Xuyi, Hubei Hosa/Fu Yuanhui, Zhejiang, 1:00.05

Men’s 400 free relay

  1. Guangdong Hosa, 3:20.29
  2. Shanghai Hoasha. 3:22.77
  3. Zhejiang, 3:23.19

Mixed 400 medley relay

  1. Navy, 3:50.21
  2. Shangdong Haosha, 3:52.97
  3. Guangdong Hosa, 3:53.23

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Alys Thomas had a great 200 fly at commonwealth, hope she can drop some more! Hali Flickinger should also have a good summer as she’s very consistent in season.


As usual Chinese W4x200 relay looks very decent and reliable on paper midseason. That cannot be said about Americans swimmers. Look who we have top four now: 26yo, 13 yo, 23yo and 27yo. Don’t see where the help is supposed to come from besides Katie Ledecky. And I’m nervous to see how she will start this season and what form she is now. Will it be 1:55 for the beginning or well above 1:56.0 Mallory Comerford demonstrated and said that her main concern is improving her sprinting qualities now. The competition there gets very hot and she would probably prefer at least one individual medal to multiple relay ones. She called 200 distance a tough event for her and there… Read more »


Does really care? There are not US-China meeting this year, Pan Pacs and Asian Games coincide so all stronger chinese athetes will be in Jakarta.


The Americans are overwhelming favorites in the 4×200 this summer and beyond… They’ll have Ledecky at 1:54 or 1:55 and everyone else going at least 1:56s (Smith, Comerford, Margalis, Manuel, McLaughlin, Drabot, Runge, etc. Maybe even our 13 y/o. Mesa is just an early season, mid-training pit stop.


Americans will be the favorites at the Pan Pacs this summer. Top Asian swimmers (Chinese, Japanese) will target and taper for Asian Games.


If to assume that Canadian and Australian team will stay were they were in CWG (7:48) and Ledecky splits 155.0 then Americans need 3 under 1:57 swimmers to win comfortably. It is probably doable. However only two swimmers from your long list were able to do so last season. And it was a World Championships but not PamPac season. As I said I’m not sure that Comerford will focus on 200 this season and optimistic estimate of her time will be 1:57 low. I wish Leah Smith will dive under 1:56 one more time but it is impossible to say anything about her summer performance seeing her for the first time this season. Special hope for Katie McLaughlin: she was… Read more »


what are u talking about in APRIL nearly 3 months before Trials ?


Now I have some doubts, from my research Pan Pacs will be 23-27 August, while swimming at Asian Games will be 19-24 August.
Is that right?


Pan Pacs are 9-13 August.

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