Key Rio 2016 Olympic Venue Currently Without Power, Running Water

Reports out of 2016 Olympic Games host city Rio de Janeiro surrounding political corruption and budgetary issues are not letting up, as a key Olympic venue is currently without water and power.

In the aftermath of the still-to-be-resolved issues surrounding Rio’s bribery scandal, electricity issues and its current health state of emergency, Rio’s Nilton Santos stadium is said to be without both running water and electricity due to unpaid bills.

According to, the stadium, slated to host the athletics events at both the Olympic and Paralympic Games, has accumulated approximately $225,000 in debt in the form of outstanding utility bills. Recent images of the would-be showpiece Olympic venue instead show a neglected state, complete with overgrown and dried out, discolored turf.

The stadium was originally built for the 2007 Pan American Games, but was closed since March 2013 due to a roof collapse caused by structural defects. Although reopened last year, the cost of repair work is currently at the center of a legal dispute between Rio city government and Botafogo football club. Rio’s city government actually owns the venue, but Botafogo administers the facility under a long-term lease agreement.

Inside The Games is reporting that an urgent meeting is set to take place tomorrow among stakeholders to discuss resolutions. “We have to look at who is responsible (for the unpaid bills) and will have an answer on Monday,” Botafogo president Carlos Eduardo Pereira said.

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samuel huntington



I really want these Olympics to be great… hoping all these reports are leaning towards building tension instead of actual problems that will impact the games. Hoping.

cbswims – I think what it ultimately comes down to is that all of these problems can be solved with enough money thrown at them, and the IOC is smart enough to know that if the veil of grandeur at the Olympics is pierced, the cash cow might never return the same. Eventually, push will come to shove and the spend will be made to make it an exquisite event – with an eye on salvaging the long-term reputation of the Games.


I don’t think that’s true that is why they have London on stand by for the games

Flygirl – nobody who’s anybody has ever said London was “on standby.” That was a hypothetical written by a British journalist after having a hypothetical conversation with a friend in the IOC, and the rest of the world picked it up and ran with it as “THIS IS HAPPENING.” Of course, there are always backup plans, primarily in place in the event of major security concerns (aka, credible terrorist threats/actual attacks), but nobody has indicated any direct source within the IOC as saying that “London is on stand by” to pick up as the host because Rio isn’t finished on time. The cost of moving the Olympics at this late of a stage would be FAR, FAR greater than the… Read more »

Coach Mike 1952

Well said!


The negative for this will come from the impact it has on Rio and Brazil ( I don’t think it will be good) But Rio will be as good an Olympics ever in terms of performances by the athletes. OR, NR, and WR will fall, Usian Bolt and Michael Phelps will have their last hurrah, and it will be fun to watch.


Provided anyone can see.

Joel Lin

It sends a pretty clear message when the Rio organizers can’t pay the water and electric bills for a single venue. Braden’s guess is the most sensible one I’ve heard. The creditor of last resort is the IOC, and for reasons Braden noted it is sensible they will step up as needed. The Olympics are a tremendous asset and a lucrative franchise. This will hopefully go down in history as Rio was a lousy franchisee for the IOC that caused a $2bn (just my guess) one time bath. The IOC is going to learn that there are fewer international cities that have the fiscal and geopolitical stability to put on an Olympic Games and they won’t make this expensive mistake… Read more »


Anyone that has tried to get anything done in South America as a whole should not be surprised but Brazil is a “special case” when it comes to bureaucracy and inefficiency. Having traveled there on a yearly basis for more than a decade it is amazing that the IOC could grant them the olympics, as many Brazilians of the middle class said initially (and still do) “What was Brazil thinking even bidding for the Olympics in the first place!” This is a country that does not have a functioning healthcare system (hospitals are in shambles and there are no medical supplies). The City of Rio treats less than 20% of their raw sewage prior to releasing it into the bay!… Read more »

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