Joe Schooling: “I had a stomach virus since thursday” (Video)

Reported by Robert Gibbs.


Senior Jack Conger earned his first individual title in the last individual race of his NCAA career, and he did it in record fashion, setting the fourth US Open and American Record of the evening.  Conger went out in 21.65, way ahead of record pace, built a body length lead by the 150, and ultimately touched in 1:37.35, over six-tenths faster than the previous US Open Record, set by Conger’s Texas teammate Joseph Schooling at last year’s NCAA.

California swimmer Zheng Quah and Andrew Seliskar ran 2nd and 3rd behind Conger for most of the race.  Quah held his place, touching in 1:38.83, which makes him the 3rd-fastest swimmer ever, behind only Conger and Schooling.  Georgia junior Gunnar Bentz is known for strong final 50s no matter what the event, stormed home in 25.25, almost a second faster than anyone else in the field, to pick up 3rd in 1:40.07.  Teammate Pace Clark touched in 1:40.41, followed by NC State’s Andreas Vazaois in 1:40.80.  Seliskar’s faded to 6th, finishing in 1:40.91.  Arizona’s Justin Wright took 7th in 1:40.94, while Georgia’s Chase Kalisz was disqualified for a false start.

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Does anyone else think this sounds a little sketchy? If the illness was legit, he was just allowed to stay within close quarters of not only his teammates but other competitors for the entire weekend? Sounds like a poor excuse for a disappointing individual performance from Schooling.


Not at all! If you watch the video he gives full credit to Caleb Dressel and states that even if he was 100% healthy he doesn’t know if he could’ve beat them. He blames his poor performance on a lack of training in early season . Schooling is a class act.


what a lame excuse. be a sports gentleman. admit you will lose to cogner. arrogant and complacent leads to fall. Thats what is happening to Schooling now.


He didn’t make any excuses, did you hear him “this is not an excuse” he is a real class act and did not mention himself once during the interview, he “gave credit to where credit is due” and gave thanks to his team and coached


That’s sort of like saying “no offense” before you say something offensive.


Hahahaha, Awesome!


Glad to see this interview and hear the story behind the 200 fly miss. OK, well, I will take his sick reason at face value now, mostly because he said it in front of Conger and especially because I don’t want to believe he ducked the competition, not only Conger but his fellow Singaporean who would have surely beat him if Joe managed to make it into the finals. I think that would have been harder for Joe to live down than losing to Conger, his friend and teammate. If Joe went head-to-head in the Finals with his fellow Singaporean Zheng Quah, then I think Joe would have lost massive status back home. All they would remember back home is… Read more »

Attila the Runt

Yeah, if the other Singaporean had beaten him, Joe’s parents would probably have to close their new Joseph Schooling School for Kids Who Don’t Swim Good and Want to Do Other Good Stuff Too.


Yeah, either that or change the name of the school to Kids Who Duck Competition and Make Excuses While Saying They Aren’t, probably just as catchy

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