Conger Wins 1st Title in Last Race with Record-Breaking 1:37.3 200 Fly


Texas’ Jack Conger had one final chance to win an individual title as a senior at the 2017 Men’s NCAA Championships. That chance came in the finals of the 200 fly. After taking a narrow 2nd last season, Conger wasted no time establishing his lead tonight, blasting a 45.78 opening split en route to a 1:37.35 victory.

With that, Conger took down his own former American Record of 1:38.06 and Joseph Schooling‘s former NCAA Record of 1:37.97, both of which were established at last season’s NCAA meet.

Cal’s Zheng Quah finished 2nd in 1:38.83, making him the 3rd fastest performer ever. Georgia’s Gunnar Bentz shot up to #7 on the all-time top performers list, finishing 3rd in 1:40.07.

Splits Comparison:

Swimmer 1st 50 Split 2nd 50 Split 3rd 50 Split 4th 50 Split Final Time
 Jack Conger (2017)  21.65  24.13 (45.78)  25.09  26.48 (51.57)  1:37.35
Joseph Schooling (2016) 23.05 24.48 (47.53) 25.01 25.43 (50.44) 1:37.97
Jack Conger (2016) 22.05 24.83 (46.88) 25.04 26.14 (51.18) 1:38.06

Top 10 All-Time Performers: Men’s 200 Fly

Place Swimmer Time
1 Jack Conger 1:37.35
2 Joseph Schooling 1:37.97
3 Zheng Quah 1:38.83
4 Dylan Bosch 1:39.33
4 Michael Phelps 1:39.65
6 Tom Shields 1:39.65
7 Andrew Seliskar 1:39.95
8 Gunnar Bentz 1:40.07
9 Pace Clark 1:40.17
10 Marcin Cieslak 1:40.19

Top 10 All-Time Performances: Men’s 200 Fly

Place Swimmer Time
1 Jack Conger 1:37.35
2 Joseph Schooling 1:37.97
3 Jack Conger 1:38.06
4 Zheng Quah 1:38.83
5 Jack Conger 1:39.17
6 Jack Conger 1:39.31
7 Dylan Bosch 1:39.33
7 Joseph Schooling 1:39.62
9 Michael Phelps 1:39.65
10 Tom Shields 1:39.65

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  1. PVK says:


  2. Zemhaj says:

    For everyone who thought that because Schoolong wasn’t in the final and it wouldn’t be as sweet a victory, maybe smashing his record is sweeter. #KingCong

  3. Go Conger says:

    So happy he was finally able to capture a win.. seems like a great guy and teammate

  4. swimfish87 says:

    I really want to know what was up with schooling this morning?

  5. Person says:

    45.7 at the 100… I can’t take this meet anymore

  6. Priit Aavik says:

    you could say that Schooling got schooled at this years NCAA

    • Back2Back says:

      How original.

    • PowerPlay says:

      Olympic Gold Medalist. Individual Event. Took down the GOAT. Had a bad college meet

      • Attila the Runt says:

        Took down the GOAT after the GOAT had doubled (crushing the field in the 200 IM) after about his millionth race late in the meet. Come on. Head to head fresh it wouldn’t have been the same outcome. Did the GOAT say he was tired after he lost? No. Schooling would have. What did Schooling swim at the Olympics — prelims of 100 free (did he semi?), three rounds of 100 fly? Tough schedule.

        • PK boo I\'m sad my name is too short now says:

          The GOAT was slower in everything this summer than he was the previous summer. His time the previous summer wouldn’t have beaten Schooling.

  7. Paul M says:

    Incredible Swim Jack Conger, take a bow kid!

  8. Uberfan says:

    Like when Daniel Bryan won the WWE world Heavyweight championship

  9. bobthebuilderrocks says:

    Long live King Cong.

  10. Bay City Tex says:

    Jack Conger WILL NOT be the answer to a trivia question! Way to go Jack!

  11. MR2F2BE says:

    Where can I buy those mizuno suits?

  12. Lopez says:

    Do you guys think he could beat Le Clos in a 200 Fly sc meters?

  13. Back2Back says:

    Very proud of you Jack! A great LONGHORN career! Fitting to hold the record in that prestigious 200Fly!

  14. Lpman says:

    All I can say is….Jack, please party responsibly tpnight

  15. Kordez says:

    When both of Schooling’s records are gone

  16. THEO says:

    One thing that sets Conger apart in that event: he carries his momentum through the turns PERFECTLY. I have literally never seen him hit a turn at anything other than perfect timing. It’s amazing to watch. Him and Eddie have worked out some pure magic with his kick and stroke count.

  17. JudgeNot says:

    That was fun to watch. Been following him for a long time – he started in my old summer league and was already a star. Well done Jack Conger.

    Good luck with the next challenge – hopefully it’s LC swimming on the world stage this summer. Maybe go see the GOAT and get some tips!

  18. Swimmer says:

    Great job. Congrats.

  19. Jay says:

    Watch out for Schooling next year. He will break new grounds before ending his ncaa career.

  20. Plainjane says:

    He would have been one of the fastest swimmer at the NCAA meet to never have won an individual title. Jack certainly deserved to win this one.

  21. tea rex says:

    I dug a few factoids out of the last 4 years NCAA results.

    Texas relays with Jack Conger broke US Open Records in the 4FR,8FR,4MR. Their finishes:
    – 1st place – 8 times
    – 2nd place – 3 times
    – 4th place – 1 time
    – 5th place – 1 time

    The Texas relays WITHOUT Jack Conger finished:
    – 1st place – 1 time
    – 2nd place – 1 time
    – 3rd place – 3 times
    – 4th place – 1 time
    – 8th place – 1 time

    That’s pretty ill.

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