Jeff Julian Will Leave Rose Bowl to Start New Pro Group at Mission Viejo

The Mission Viejo Nadadores have hired Jeff Julian to launch a Professional and Post Grad Performance Training Center at the Marguerite Aquatic Center. His wife, 1996 Olympic gold medalist Kristine (Quance) Julian, will also serve as a senior coach for the Nadadores alongside senior head coach Logan Redondo.

Julian will make the move about an hour south from the Rose Bowl Swim Team, where he had been the head coach since 2004.

“The Nadadores are thrilled to bring the Julian family to Mission Viejo. Jeff will help us create, manage, and coach a new pro/post grad level of the program. His TEAM centered and process focused vision fit seamlessly with the updated “whole athlete” mantra of the Nadadores. Jeff will focus on this top tier of the program, which is designed to meet most every need of the elite athlete: nutrition, strength training, cryotherapy, sports psychology, professional internships, and dedicated water time. We believe Jeff will lead the Nadadores to Olympic success in the next two quads and we intend to both support and integrate these athletes into our total programming,” said Executive Director (and former Nadador Olympic Silver Medalist) Michele Mitchell.

Besides his club coaching duties, Julian is currently the head coach of the Cali Condors of the International Swimming League, the 2021 league runners-up, so he’s already well-tapped into the professional swimming circuit.

The Nadadores were famed for recruiting some of America’s best swimmers in the 1970s and 1980s, though at the time there wasn’t much of a professional or post-graduate scene to tap into. Mark Schubert, who was a head coach for much of the club’s glory days, returned to Mission Viejo in 2016. While the club had a few professional and post-graduate swimmers who represented the team, Schubert was unable to rebuild the pro group to its former glory days in his 5-year tenure.

In modern swimming, most professional and post-graduate groups in the United States are now centered around collegiate swimming programs, so this pro group will be a unique opportunity.

Schubert abruptly left the club in late 2021 in order to form a new “elite training group” at nearby SET Swim Team. His departure coincided with the hiring of Michele Mitchell, a two-time Olympic medalist in diving, as the Nadadores’ new executive director.

The club, meanwhile, has promoted Logan Redondo and Jacinta Beckman as co-head coaches of the amateur arm of the team, with Redondo leading the Senior Division and Beckman leading the Junior Division.

Kristine (Quance) Julian was a 1996 Olympic gold medalist as the breaststroke leg of the prelims American 400 medley relay. She also won a medley relay silver at the 1994 World Championships and a 400 IM bronze.

She has a long coaching resume as well that includes working with age group swimmers as a coach at Rose Bowl Aquatics. She is also currently serving as a volunteer assistant with UCLA.

Rose Bowl, Julian’s former team, had one swimmer represent the club at the 2021 Wave II US Olympic Swimming Trials: Julian’s son Trenton Julian, who trained collegiately at Cal. Rose Bowl is the home training ground of Rex Maurer, the #2-ranked recruit in the high school class of 2023. Maurer joined the club in the summer of 2020, when his mom, Lea Maurer, took a job as the associate head coach at nearby USC.

Jeff Julian himself was an international-caliber swimmer as a member of the US National Team and a Pac-10 Champion. He also recently spent a stint as an assistant coach with the varsity team at USC.

Mission Viejo, meanwhile, was represented by a number of swimmers and qualified 5 swimmers for the National Team. In addition to the hired-guns, they were represented by home grown swimmers as well, including Justina KozanKatie CromMacky Hodges, plus Michael Brinegar, who took a year off from Indiana to train back home with Mark Schubert (who was his coach at the Golden West Swim Club in high school).

The Nadadores are based out of the Marguerite Aquatic Center, which reopened in 2018 after an $11 million renovation. The facility gives the Nadadores swimming and diving programs a lot of water to work with – it features a 50-meter x 25 yard competition pool, a 25-meter x 25 yard warm-up, diving, and training pool, and a separate four-lane 25-yard training course in a third pool.

Mitchell says that Mission Viejo currently has between 210 and 230 divers, depending on the month; 401 registered club swimmers, and over 200 Masters swimmers.

Julian has been battling Stage IV lung cancer since 2015 and in April of this year announced that a CT scan came back with no evidence of disease.

Jeff Julian is expected to start at Mission Viejo around February 1, while Kristine will follow around April 1. Mitchell says that this rounds out the club’s hiring for the top end of their coaching staff.

Julian’s reflection on Instagram:

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Mark Rauterkus
5 months ago

Best news ever…. His clean bill of health.
Rock on!

NW Coach
5 months ago

Good for Jeff and Mission Viejo. Hopefully this is the start of a trend of club coaches getting their “flowers” and being able to build programs that cover Learn to Swim and Post Grads. Every swimmer in the US doesn’t need to train on a college campus. Not every coach fits in the NCAA box and hopefully this opens up opportunities for others. Congrats Jeff!!!!

5 months ago

It’s getting crowded in OC. Salo Shubert and now Julian all essentially on top of each other and I don’t see enough local swimmers of a high caliber to keep them all happy. They will have to recruit from out of the area at some point

cynthia curran
Reply to  Taa
5 months ago

They do Teeague O’Dell for Silo lives in West Covina, a little drive for sure. In fact Mission Viejo itself or south County has less kids do to high cost housing The Julian’ also have s nice trip on the freeway as well unless they sell their property and moved to south OC.

5 months ago

Just curious, what are the economics for this kind of group? Who pays for the coach and lane time? Do post grad and pros pay their own way or is it all those age groupers? If it is the age groupers, what’s the ROI for the team? If it’s the post grads and pros I’m surprised.

Reply to  Braden Keith
5 months ago

Trying to contain my excitement for DOCTOR Michele Mitchell on a SS podcast. Please don’t disappoint!

In the know
Reply to  Swimpop
5 months ago

obviously much of that gets easier with the scholarship/university salary system. But even as some dudes/chicks move into professional life.. especially commonly those that can fall victim the “we grew here you flew here” insult hurled at em.. are prolly paying something.

I’ve heard of monthly dues to the head coach
I’ve heard of a coach taking a percentage of winnings (I am partial to that idea, but that’s not what my situation is like)

Then there’s the tactic of waiting til you do well, then hitting em with soft spoken call from some kid working in fundraising being all “it says here you train for free. Would you like to donate to the team”?

So for… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by In the know
5 months ago

Good luck Jeff. You’re going to need.

5 months ago

Jeff Julian is a GREAT person but does he have the resume to be the elite pro center?

Also, I never understood how the Rose Bowl parents or Board let him take off most of the last couple seasons to coach ISL?

Reply to  Ghost
5 months ago

Please go back to complaining about football teams not being Covid tested…

Reply to  Coach
5 months ago

Every swim meet was cancelled last weekend due to Covid but not one player missed the National game due to Covid?!? You asked for me to go back to it!

Reply to  Ghost
5 months ago

It’s a fair question. Who (pros) has Jeff ever coached? Or, what incentive would a pro have to go swim for a coach who has never actually worked w pro athletes outside of the month per year in the ISL? If I’m a pro i would want a coach w a proven track record of success.

Reply to  Slade
5 months ago

Exactly my point. When Urbanchek went to FAST for pro group, he was a draw! Nothing against Jeff but his resume isn’t Urbs or Marsh!

Reply to  Ghost
5 months ago

The “who has he/she ever coached” is a pretty simple minded type comment. Pretty sure he has coached and developed some of the current, fastest up and coming, young 200 freestylers in the country. Among many other things. Probably “coached” his son a bit – not a bad swimmer…. ISL…

Just because that’s not someone’s niche at the moment doesn’t mean they will necessarily “need luck” to be successful. In the revamped MVN model, who’s to say either way? Could work great and could fail.

That said, this guy knows what he’s doing. Share the deck with him for a meet, watch him Coach and communicate with swimmers, see the results…. I think he will be able to do just… Read more »

Reply to  Unnniiii
5 months ago

Don’t forget he also coached with Salo at USC.

Reply to  Ghost
5 months ago

He is leveraging his status on ASCA to push out legends like Greg Troy on the Cali Condors and Mark Schubert and Mission Viejo

Not-so-Silent Observer
5 months ago

Is this the start of an ISL focused pro group in the States? Hmmm.. Interesting

Reply to  Not-so-Silent Observer
5 months ago

That would be awesome, I feel like that’s exactly what the sport needs to develop. All we need is some stability in the ISL and make sure they pay the athletes on time

Chris Ritter
5 months ago

Congrats Jeff!

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