Jeff Julian, Rose Bowl Aquatics: “Improve Your Swimming Process”

In the above video, Jeff Julian, the head coach of Rose Bowl Aquatics in Pasadena, California, discusses not just how to swim faster, but how to “improve the swimming process” with “consistent effort.”

The video, originally intended as a ‘conversation’ for Julian to have with parents on his team that they could watch on their own team, provides a lot of very good insights from the head coach of the USA Swimming silver medal club for all swimmers.

Thanks to Rose Bowl’s volunteer videographer Ronen Tivony for putting the video together. Visit Ronen’s site at

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Joe Hillstrom
8 years ago

I have taught, coached and trained many swimmers-in excess of 85000. I have never stopped a parent from watching a training session. What I do say to them is that if they want to end their childs swimming career then they must pick up a stop watch..

Jeff Julian
8 years ago

Thanks for the great comments. This is an incredible sport, and it’s always great to hear the positive.

I hope this video can help some swimmers focus on improving their process in order to reach their goals.


8 years ago

From an outsiders view. Don’t have time to watch the video now, but wanted to comment. Always wished my family lived closer to Pasadena to be able to join the Rose Bowl Aquatics. Jeff Julian seems like the ideal Head coach and person. His website seems friendly and not degrading to parents. His team seems successful and HAPPY. His website sets advancement standards for all to see. He has many inter-squad meets per year – giving his athletes the chance to improve their times. He seems genuinely happy to be coaching this team. He posts kind words and encouragement for his athletes. His calendar is always full of informational meetings for the families. It really seems that he enjoys what… Read more »

Ronnie O
8 years ago

If only my son’s coaches were that eloquent in their expectations!
His Long Island based team has a strict policy of no communication with the parents so the athletes get the brunt of their criticism with little positive reinforcement regardless of how well they achieve in a season. I wish his coaches had the foresight to articulate to the kids the importance of the process rather than foster competitiveness within the team and treating the parents as if we are simply there to financially support the building of the team’s pool.

Jeff Julian, you’re a brilliant coach! Good luck to your team

8 years ago

Awesome Jeff!

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