Hubert Kos Breaks Ryan Murphy’s 200 Backstroke NCAA Record With 1:35.69



  • NCAA Record: 1:35.73 – Ryan Murphy, Cal (2016)
  • Pac-12 Record: 1:35.73 – Ryan Murphy, Cal (2016)
  • Pac-12 Championship Record: 1:36.94 – Destin Lasco, Cal (2023)
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 1:39.13

Top 8:

  1. Hubert Kos (Arizona State) – 1:35.69 (NCAA RECORD)
  2. Owen McDonald (Arizona State) – 1:37.70
  3. Rex Maurer (Stanford) – 1:39.83
  4. Sebastian Somerset (California) – 1:39.84
  5. Aaron Sequeira (Stanford) – 1:40.55
  6. Ziyad Saleem (California) – 1:40.64
  7. Josh Zuchowski (Stanford) – 1:40.71
  8. Kai Crews (California) – 1:41.33

Another record has gone down on the final night of the Pac-12 Championships as Hubert Kos of Arizona State set a new NCAA record in the 200 backstroke touching in a 1:35.69.

Kos broke Ryan Murphy‘s record that was set back at 2016 NCAAs as Murphy won in a 1:35.73, winning by over two and a half seconds.

Split Comparison:

Kos Murphy
50 22.2 22.2
100 24.46 24.16
150 24.46 24.5
200 24.57 24.87
1:35.69 1:35.73

Kos was incredibly consistent tonight as his 2nd and 3rd 50s were the exact same with a 24.46. Notably, Kos and Murphy were out in the exact same split of a 22.20 on the first 50. The biggest difference was the final 50 as Kos was 0.30 seconds faster than Murphy.

Kos notably swam to a Pac-12 record in the 100 back last night. He now holds the top time in the NCAA in the 200 back by 0.99 seconds. Kos had the top time in the NCAA coming into tonight ahead of Florida’s Jonny Marshall who swam a 1:36.68 at SECs two weeks ago.

Kos is the 4th NCAA swimmer under the 1:36 mark. Only Murphy, Shaine Casas (1:35.75) and Destin Lasco (1:35.87) have also been under 1:36. Lasco notably swam his best time to win the NCAA title a year ago and will look to challenge Kos in a few weeks after electing to swim at Pro Swim-Westmont this week instead of Pac-12s.

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3 months ago


Poppin Ov
3 months ago

Send da video

Alex Wilson
Reply to  Poppin Ov
3 months ago

Video at:

Pan Fan
3 months ago

Hubert Kos 200 back gold in Paris 🔒

Reply to  Pan Fan
3 months ago

That wouldn’t be an upset. He won Worlds last summer in 2back!

3 months ago

Broke a record thought to be nearly unbreakable… while untapered. Is it too soon to give him the gold already?

Last edited 3 months ago by Eaglethorpe
Sapiens Ursus
Reply to  Eaglethorpe
3 months ago

Unbreakable huh?

7 swimmers Kos included have been within a second of it since it was set including Shaine Casas being only .02 off of it in 2021.

Lasco won NCAAs only .14 off of it last year?

Ryan Lochte swam 1:36.81 in 2007. The records only come down by not much more than a second since. Compare that to the time drops in every other 200 from where the record was then… it seems like this event is due a big breakthrough, Kos will probably deliver at NCAAs

3 months ago

Swim swam loves the word notably.

Reply to  Swimmer
3 months ago

Right up there with penultimate. 😂

Viking Steve
Reply to  Robert Gibbs
3 months ago

or ‘stopped the clock’

Reply to  Swimmer
3 months ago


3 months ago

Kos backstroke times look very similar to Ryan Murphy in 2016 which bodes very well for the Olympics. We already know he’s prob winning the 200 this summer but could he possibly even pull the double off

3 months ago

And ASU pros swam great at Westmont..Bravo to Regan, Simone, and Chase!

Swim Coach
Reply to  Susan
3 months ago

And smoliga.

Reply to  Swim Coach
3 months ago

You think she swam great?!?

Reply to  Diehard
3 months ago

Her 50 free was fast. 24.6 or so.

Swim Coach
Reply to  Diehard
3 months ago

I’d say going a best time in 50 free is swimming great!

Long Strokes
3 months ago

Game, set, match. Devils, Sun

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