How can I change how I feel before I race?

by Katrina Radke 0

June 05th, 2012 News

Dear Katrina,

How can I change how I feel before I race?


Often times, we can get nervous before we race. Silly thoughts can show up, and get in the way. A simple yet effective way to alter our state, is to get out of our head and change our physiology. I cover this in much more depth in my book, but here is a start:

Right now, look up at the sky, ceiling, or wherever you are, and SMILE! Just because you can… that you are doing so, how do you feel? Yes, you might think Katrina is goofy, or you might start thinking, “Hey, I feel better”! Either way, you have just changed your emotional state, as well as your physiology. From here, you are in a better place to continue attracting positive energy, and making your dreams a reality.

Another thing to remember is that you can TRANSCEND YOUR LIMITATIONS and REALIZE YOUR STRENGTHS

We can be at our optimum in sports, career, family, and/or life. Yes, it is great to see what is possible for ourselves when we pursue a goal or dream of ours….the key is to also appreciate ALL of the steps along the way. In your area of interest, when you look at yourself, an idol, mentor, etc., what do you consider your/their main strengths? How can you enhance them even more? If you imagine them in someone else, pretend you are that person. More details in the book, but you can see that you can again start realizing you, too, have that power to be who you want to be and shine.

Have fun playing with what is possible. When you make a game out of it, everyday will have a little bit of magic in it for you.

Enjoy the journey of allowing what you want to show up, WHILE loving each day for what it brings you!

Keep Shining!


P.S. I want to thank all of you who have supported me in a successful book launch. It officially came out on Monday, June 4th, and is already a bestseller. I do hope that my book can be a resource for you and an inspiration for you in your swimming, and in your life, too.

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