GMX7 Weekly Wonders of Age Group Swimming – 8/4/2021

In our GMX7 Weekly Wonders of Age Group Swimming series, we celebrate swimmers of every age and experience level with age group profiles of some recent results.

Gavin Keogh, 13, Flatiron Athletic Club (FAC-CO): In Colorado, 13-year-old Keogh dropped nearly a full second to go 1:00.70 in the 100-meter backstroke. That was one of three personal-bests for Keogh, spanning the 100s of back, fly and breast.

Hanna Schmidt, 13, Triton Swimming (TS-KY): At the Futures meet in Huntsville, Alabama, 13-year-old Schmidt dropped her personal best in the 200-meter breaststroke from 2:39.43 to 2:32.44. That time ranks her #26 all-time in the 13-14 age group with another full year in that age bracket.

Nina Mollin, 17, Academy Bullets Swim Club (ACAD-IL): Across the country, 17-year-old Mollin crushed a personal-best 2:16.69 in the 200 IM at the Futures meet in West Fargo, North Dakota. That was one of six career-bests Mollin hit at Futures this year.

Cooper Lucas, 16, Lakeside Aquatic Club (LAC-NT): In Texas, 16-year-old Lucas swam to personal-bests in five different events, all ranking in the top 20 in 15-16 age group history. Most impressive was his 4:19.95 in the 400 IM, ranking #7 in age group history after a 7.6-second drop. Lucas also went 2:03.90 in the 200 IM (#15), 1:50.36 in the 200 free (#16), 3:54.00 in the 400 free (#16) and 1:59.74 in the 200 fly (#20).


David McCagg, World Champion swimmer and GMX7 Founder

About GMX7

Founded in 2018, GMX7 is based in St. Petersburg, Florida and is dedicated to changing the world of swimming by empowering competitive swimmers with the best aquatic resistance training devices ever created. GMX7 was founded by David McCagg, a 7-time gold medalist, former world record holder and winner of multiple national championships. The first device on the market by GMX7 is the X1-PRO. Designed by ROBRADY Engineering, it has already been the recipient of several awards including the 2020 International Design Excellence Award and the 2020 Red Dot Award for product design.


GMX7 is a SwimSwam partner. 

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