France Sending 29 to European Juniors in Helsinki

The French Federation (FFN) are sending a delegation of 29 athletes, 21 boys and 8 girls, to the 2018 LEN European Junior Swimming Championships, which will take place from July 4th through July 8th in Helsinki, Finland. The meet is for female swimmers born in 2004, 2003, 2002, and 2001 and male swimmers born in 2003, 2002, 2001, and 2000.

The French Junior National Team was formed based on performances from the 2018 French Elite National Championships in Saint-Raphaël last month. Qualifying for Helsinki were the four fastest swimmers in each event (except the 800 free and 1500 free, where only the top two were eligible) who in their prelims swim met the time standard in Table 1 below.

Among France’s hopefuls on the boys’ team are Guillaume Guth, currently ranked 28th in the 50m free and 21st in the 100m free, in world junior rankings for boys born from 2000-2003; Jean-Marc Delices, 29th in the 100m free; Hugo Sagnes, 33rd in the 200 free (but 4th in the 400 free based on a swim earlier in the season at the Golden Tour stop in Marseille); Paul Beaugrand, 4th in the 800 free; Mewen Tomac, 9th in the 50m back, 15th in the 100m back, and 20th in the 200 IM; Thomas Oswald, 13th in the 50m breast and 31st in the 100m breast; and Jean Lamorisse, 18th in the 50m back and 100m back. The French girls’ team is much smaller but packs punch nonetheless, with Louise Lefebvre, 13th in the 50m back, 17th in the 100m back, and 34th in the 200 back on the world stage so far this season; Camille Mallet, 23rd in the 50m breast and 27th in the 100m breast; Clara Basso-Bert, 30th in the 100m breast; and Margot Cachot, 31st in the 50m fly and 40th in the 100m fly.

Boys Event Time
Paul BEAUGRAND 800m free 8:04.84
Clément BIDARD 200m breast 2:15.88
Clément BIDARD 200m IM 2:03.96
Kyllian BRENON 100m free 51.09
Tommy-Lee CAMBLONG 800m free 8:07.10
Sergueï COMTE 100m fly 53.94
Jean-Marc DELICES 100m free 50.45
Thomas FARGEOT Relays
Guillaume GUTH 50m free 23.15
Guillaume GUTH 100m free 50.20
Jean LAMORISSE 50m back 25.81
Jean LAMORISSE 100m back 56.24
Antoine MARC 200m breast 2:15.16
Emilien MATTENET Relays
Adrien MUSART 50m back 25.97 (NAG16)
Emilien MATTENET 400m IM 4:23.56
Yohann NDOYE BROUARD 100m back 55.84
Thomas OSWALD 50m breast 28.55
Thomas OSWALD 100m breast 1:03.03
Thomas PIRON 100m free 51.47
Mathieu ROTHON 100m breast 1:02.84
Hugo SAGNES 200m free 1:50.71
Ladislas SALCZER 50m back 26.02
Maxime TAUNAIS Relays
Mewen TOMAC 50m back 25.61 (NAG17)
Mewen TOMAC 100m back 55.89 (NAG17)
Mewen TOMAC 200m IM 2:03.99
Wissam-Amazigh YEBBA Relays
Girls Event Time
Clara BASSO-BERT 100m breast 1:10.16
Margot CACHOT 100m fly 1:00.97
Océane CARNEZ 100m free 56.68
Camille MALLET 100m breast 1:10.27
Louise LEFEBVRE 100m back 1:02.04
Lison NOWACZYK Relays
Célia PINSOLLE Relays
Lucile TESSARIOL Relays

Table 1: Qualifying Times to Achieve (in Prelims) at French Elite Nationals

Girls Event Boys
26.22 50m free 23.18
56.69 100m free 50.65
2:02.19 200m free 1:50.88
4:16.52 400m free 3:55.29
8:43.58 800m free 8:09.14
16:53.50 1500m free 15:38.42
29.10 50m back 26.02
1:03.02 100m back 56.40
2:15.37 200m back 2:02.03
32.25 50m breast 28.62
1:10.95 100m breast 1:03.15
2:32.37 200m breast 2:17.10
27.29 50m fly 24.15
1:01.16 100m fly 54.10
2:14.62 200m fly 2:01.66
2:18.84 200m IM 2:04.58
4:53.95 400m IM 4:25.54


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