Follow the Australian Olympic Team on Instagram and Twitter

With the Tokyo Olympic Games one month away, follow your favorite Australian swimmers on Instagram and Twitter to see their preparations first hand. The team features 35 athletes announced here.

Some of the key athletes to follow along with are Kaylee McKeown, Ariarne Titmus, Cate Campbell, Emily Seebohm, Kyle Chalmers, Elijah Winnington, and Jack McLoughlin. Kaylee McKeown recently broke the women’s 100 backstroke world record, previously held by American Regan Smith. Ariarne Titmus is very close to the world records in the 200 and 400 freestyles. Cate Campbell and Emily Seebohm will both be competing in their 4th Olympics. Kyle Chalmers will look to defend his 100 freestyle Olympic title, and Elijah Winnington and Jack McLoughlin have the #1 and #2 times in the men’s 400 freestyle in the world this season, respectively.

A more in-depth highlight of the Australian Olympic Trials can be found here.

Athlete Name Instagram Username Twitter Username
Abbey Harkin abbeyharkin N/A
Alexander Graham alex.graham alex_graham1
Ariarne Titmus ariarnetitmus_ N/A
Brendon Smith brendon_bsmith N/A
Brianna Throssell briannathrossell briathrossell
Bronte Campbell bronte_campbell Bronte_Campbell
Cam McEvoy cam_mcevoy N/A
Cate Campbell cate_campbell catecamp
Chelsea Hodges chelsea.hodges N/A
David Morgan david_morgan_swimmer N/A
Elijah Winnington elijah_winnington elijahwinno
Emily Seebohm emcbomb emcbomb
Emma McKeon emmamckeon emma_mckeon
Isaac Cooper mr.isaaccooper N/A
Jack McLoughlin jackmcloughlin Jackmcloughli10
Jenna Strauch jenna_strauch N/A
Jessica Hansen jesshansen__ N/A
Kaylee McKeown kaylee_mckeown N/A
Kiah Melverton melvertonkiah N/A
Kyle Chalmers kyle_chalmers3 N/A
Leah Neale leahneale95 leah_neale1
Mack Horton mackhorton _mackhorton
Madeleine Gough mad_gough N/A
Madison Wilson madiwilson MadiWilson
Matthew Temple matttemple_ N/A
Matthew Wilson matt_wilson28 Matt_wilson_28
Meg Harris harriismeg N/A
Mitch Larkin mitchell.larkin Larkin_mitch
Mollie O’Callaghan mollie_olcal N/A
Se-Bom Lee seebohm_bohm N/A
Tamsin Cook tamsincook N/A
Thomas Neill tommy.neill N/A
Tristan Hollard tristanhollard N/A
Zac Incerti zaccincerti zac_incerti
Zac Stubblety-Cook zacstubblety stubblety

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1 year ago

If anyones wanting to get to know Kyle Chalmers and/or Bronte Campbell more, I recommend Head Above Water on Amazon Prime.

Reply to  moddiddle
1 year ago

Or you could just talk to them. This coming from someone that doesn’t get the Facebook/Twitter/Instagram appeal. Yes I still pay by cash too hahaha.

1 year ago

All on Instagram but a lot less on Twitter compared to the US. I wonder how this will pay off in the lead up to the Games 🤔

Reply to  DCSwim
1 year ago

Very few people in Australia use twitter – we can usually just shout our would-be ‘tweets’ in the backyard and most Australians will hear.

Corn Pop
Reply to  Jackman
1 year ago

Technically there are 5.6 million accounts in Aust & 56 million in the USA. Population is 1:15 therefore Twitter is more popular in Aust than US .

There are levels of analyses to that number eg genuine vs burner accounts but basically you are wrong .

Reply to  DCSwim
1 year ago

Twitter is a horrible cesspool best avoided.

Awsi Dooger
Reply to  Troyy
1 year ago

Twitter is awesome. Facebook is the cesspool.

Reply to  DCSwim
1 year ago

I never understood the appeal of Twitter … seems jumbled up to me with all those re tweets etc ..

Awsi Dooger
Reply to  Verram
1 year ago

The sharpest people and content are on Twitter. None of the other platforms are remotely competitive in that area.

Reply to  Awsi Dooger
1 year ago

The sharpest people wouldn’t even waste time on social media .. just sayin

Eric the Eel > Michael Phelps
Reply to  DCSwim
1 year ago

Instagram >>>> Twitter

1 year ago

How did you miss Emma McKeon as the key players? She could potentially the winning 8 medals (100 FLY, 50, 100 and 200 FREE, 4X100 FREE, 4X200 FREE, 4X100 MEDLEY, 4X100 MIXED MEDLEY)! She swims the most events this Olympics, women or men.

Reply to  Jimmy
1 year ago

She’s, imo, the most key player of them all.

Reply to  Jimmy
1 year ago

She’ll be very managed.

1 year ago

Especially after the 4 year ban!!

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