FLEET Hires Jack Maddan as New Head Coach

  18 Braden Keith | October 15th, 2012 | Club, News

The Cypress-Fairbanks Swim Club in Northwest Houston has hired Jack Maddan as their new head coach. Maddan takes over for Clayton Cagle, who stepped down after 25 years at the helm of the club that is one of the country’s densest producers of college-level talent. Specifically, the club more popularly known as FLEET has been one of the biggest feeders to the University of Texas, with swimmers like Keith Murphy, Catherine Wagner, Ellen Lobb, Sam Tucker, Cole Cragin, and Neil Caskey counting themselves among the alumni of the program. Historically, the club also produced Olympians Jamie Rauch and Andrew Livinston during Cagle’s tenure.

Maddan comes from the Parkway Swim Club, one of the best in Missouri, where he was the Head Coach. Among his biggest stars include Heather Lundstrom, who is a Missouri State Record holder and recently committed to swim at Tennessee, and Nick Orf, who will be headed to Minnesota in the fall.

Among other of Parkway’s alumni are former Virginia All-American Jenna Harris and the famed Stupp sisters. The Parkway Swim Club finished 2nd at the Columbia Sectionals meet this summer.

Maddan only came to the Parkway Swim Club recently after being named the South Carolina Senior Coach of the Year in 2010. Much like his predecessor, Maddan is very involved in the administrative side of the sport as well, having served as an LSC Senior Chair every year since 2008 (in both North Carolina and South Carolina).

The club has also brought in a new Head Age Group Coach in Andrew Korda from City of Midland Aquatics, where he coached Florida star freshman Natalie Hinds.

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Ex oz coach?!?! Jack you are still in ozark. Good luck to fleet and their current coaching staff. First thing Jack did was thank Brooke for all her hard work with our team by saying you should find another job with another team. And thinking that he had a bad situation after Mike Johnson really???? Thanks to Thom for all he did to keep us afloat and give out kids direction they needed. Thom learned a lot from working with Nick and it showed with how well the kids performed. Jack has piggy backed on all the hard work Nick, Thom, Brooke and all of our former great coaches before him and turned it in to a new position with… Read more »
Yes, in his 18 months with Parkway Jack did “Big Things”… on the back of others. Taking credit for the years of dedicated coaching by Jack Young and Nick Ruddich for one. That Sr. Sectionals 2nd place was great and kuddos for it. As for the other Ozark teams, they had swimmers at the Trials, Juniors and Nats that placed much, much higher (Top 8 for one team at the Trials!). We’ll miss him and his “Big Things” here in Ozark and wish the folks with Fleet swimming much luck. Maybe he’ll finally get his “Real American Swim Team” in Texas. Sure hope he sticks around for longer than the 2-3 years he has in other places. At least he’ll… Read more »
Ex OZ Coach

You make it sound like Jack walked into a perfect situation instead of remembering what occured during and after Mike Johnson’s stint at Parkway. Not many would’ve wanted to be in Jack’s position to say the least.

Also, if you consider trying to get Ozark to move out of the dark ages and forward into the 21st century obnoxious blather, than its no wonder Ozark motto continues to be “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Hopefully at some point people will want more than the status quo since you obviously don’t.

Mike Johnson was a bad hire for Parkway, there is no denying that. I still question how a coach without a valid background check was ever let on the pool deck. Nice bashing the LSC as a whole. It’s funny that coaches who don’t get their way have nothing nice to say, ever. Coaches, like yourself, tend to forget that it takes a significant amount of volunteer effort to make their careers possible. Instead of coming in and telling everyone they’re doing things wrong or they’re in the “dark ages” it would be nice if they tried to work with the people who are doing their best with the resources at hand to make changes and improvements. Being high handed… Read more »
Ex OZ Coach

I coached there long enough to know that things never change, hence the “dark ages”. And for those of you that think this is Jack, I left over a decade ago and couldn’t have been happier when I did. From the numerous stories that I’ve heard over the years from coaches still in Ozark, things still haven’t changed and if that’s what you want then great. Typically those that have coached outside of Ozark have seen other and usually better ways of getting things accomplished though.

BRAVO!! You’re my hero!

I am not familiar with the current situation with Jack but I agree that Parkway had significant success under Nick Rudich including winning Senior Sectionals in the Summer of 2005 and taking 5-8 swimmers to Senior Nationals every year. Nick also focused on building a base but not burning swimmers out so they would attain their greatest success at the college level. Almost all of his swimmers improved significantly in college and were great assets to their college programs (Jessi Cole- Georgia, Michael Woodson- Minnesota, Liz Smith-Stanford, Erin Neumann- Arkansas, Danielle and Kelsey Ridder- Minnesota, Julie Stupp- Auburn/Arizona, Taylor Wohrley- Indiana/Arizona State, Hallie Stupp- Arizona/Auburn). He encouraged a team mentality and was always able to get the big time college… Read more »

Right On Jack! Movin on up for TOTAL DOMINANCE!!! You will do a great job, and yes, you will be missed at Parkway,but, hopefully everyone understands how much of an opportunity this is for you!!!
Best of Luck!!!


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