Fitter & Faster: Nothing Will Slow You Or Us Down!

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October 30th, 2020 Swim Camps

2020 has thrown so many obstacles at all of us, BUT NOTHING is going to slow us or you down!

Almost everyone throughout the world has been faced with challenges and uncertainty. No different for us – after postponing more than 100 camps between March and June we were able to come back strong over the past several months with hundreds of sessions of camps in more than 40 states.

Each camp requires more preparation than ever to ensure a safe environment, but it’s so worth it because we continue to do what we love. Also, as you know, our session sizes are much smaller than in the past to maintain social distancing… and as a result the reviews are spectacular. So, we are so happy to announce that we will maintain small session sizes throughout ALL OF 2021!

Today we have 5 NEW December camps AND 16 NEW camps for 2021! See the list below! Over the next several weeks we will announce more camps. Remember: session sizes are very limited so camps sell out much quicker!

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November Swim Camps

Rock Hill, SC: November 7 & 8Freestyle & Backstroke Technique & Racing
Nashville, TN: November 14 & 15Starts, Turns, Underwaters & Breakouts(Limited spots remaining)
Snohomish, WA: November 14 & 15Sprint Race Strategy Camp: 50’s & 100’s(Led by Olympic Legend Gary Hall, Jr.)
Hobart, IN: November 14 & 15Starts, Turns, Underwaters & Breakouts(Limited spots remaining)
Denver, CO: November 14 & 15Comprehensive Turns Swim Camp(Limited spots remaining)
Erie, PA: November 21 & 22Backstroke Technique & Racing
Louisville, KY: November 21 & 22Comprehensive Starts: Blocks & Backstroke
Becker, MN: November 21 & 22Starts, Turns, Underwaters & Breakouts(Limited spots remaining)
Huntersville, NC: November 28 & 29Comprehensive Starts Camp
Joliet, IL: November 28 & 29Butterfly and Breaststroke Technique & Racing
Raleigh, NC: November 28 & 29Backstroke Technique & Racing(Limited spots remaining)
Indianapolis, IN: November 28 & 29Butterfly Technique & Racing
St. Bernard, LA: November 28 & 29Freestyle, Breaststroke, Starts & Turns
Clermont, FL: November 28 & 29Butterfly & Breaststroke Technique & Racing
Warrenton, VA: November 28 & 29Butterfly & Breaststroke Technique & Racing
O’Fallon, IL: November 28 & 29Starts, Power, Speed and Dryland
Atlanta, GA: November 28 & 29Breaststroke Technique & Racing
Inver Grove, MN: November 28 & 29Starts, Power, Speed and Dryland Camp
Cumming, GA: November 28 & 29High Performance Sprint and Speed Camp
Geneva, OH: November 28 & 29High Performance Sprint and Power Camp
Bay Area, CA: November 28 & 29Freestyle Technique & Racing
Stamford, CT: November 28 & 29Racing Strategy Camp: 100’s & 200’s

December Swim Camps

Bethel Park, PA: December 5 & 6Starts, Turns, Underwaters & Breakouts
NEW – Lincoln, RI: December 5 & 6Breaststroke Technique & Racing
Effingham, IL: December 12 & 13Breaststroke technique & racing
Grand Rapids, MI: December 18 & 19Starts, Turns, Underwaters & Breakouts
Tupelo, MS: December 18 & 19Starts, Turns, Underwaters & Breakouts
NEW – Peoria, IL: December 19 & 20Comprehensive Turns Camp
NEW – Americus, GA: December 19 & 20High Performance Technique Camp
Irvine, CA – December 27 & 28Speed & Power Camp
Twin Cities, MN: December 28-30Freestyle and Backstroke Technique & Racing
Indianapolis, IN: December 27 & 28Backstroke Technique & Racing
Atlanta, GA: December 27 & 28Butterfly Technique & Racing
Wellesley, MA: December 27 & 28Butterfly & Breaststroke Technique & Racing
Huntersville, NC: December 27 & 28Comprehensive Turns Camp
Palatine, IL: December 27 & 28High Performance Sprint, Speed, and Power
Bay Area, CA: December 27 & 28Elite Stroke Mechanics
NEW – Ottawa, OH: December 27 & 28Starts, Turns, Underwaters & Breakouts
NEW – Voorhees, NJ: December 28 & 29Sprint, Speed, & Power Camp


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