Eddie Reese: Texas Will Take 16 Swimmers and 4 Divers to NCAA Championships

During a press conference on Tuesday in Austin, Texas men’s head swimming & diving coach Eddie Reese that the team is going to take 4 divers and 16 swimmers. That’s in spite of having 24 men eligible to qualify for the meet in swimming and 5 divers.

Each team has 18 roster spots at the NCAA Championship meet, with swimmers counting as 1 spot and divers counting as .5, so 16 swimmers and 4 divers adds up to the maximum 18 roster spots.

The press conference was done before Texas’ 4th and 5th divers were qualified, but Reese said that even if they had 5 divers qualified, they would leave 1 home, alongside 6 eligible swimmers.

Even without divers, Texas is seeded to outscore the rest of the teams in the country – and they have by far the best diving group among the top contending teams.

Among other topics covered was the coronavirus that is reshaping the global swimming stage in the leadup to the 2020 Olympics. Reese said that he’s been told that there is a possibility to delay the Olympics, although they would still have to take place in 2020, though he remains optimistic about it.

As for the more imminent threat, the NCAA Swimming & Diving Championship meet that is only 2 weeks away, Reese said “I’m not worried about that, I know that’s a possibility. I know the Ivy League just cancelled their conference basketball tournament, and South by Southwest was cancelled. We’re into an era now where over-protection is what we do, and we’ve gotta do it that way, something like this.

“Nobody’s slowing down, everybody’s planning on it.”

Reese did say that if the NCAA Championship meet was cancelled, he might have to “invent” something in Texas’ home pool to give his team a chance to see the payoff of their taper, saying that he believes that’s an important thing for swimmers to have an opportunity for every season.

When asking about the impact that a 2020 title would mean, resulting in Reese having won NCAA titles in the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, and 2020s, Reese joked that it means he’s old, before getting a little more sentimental about the moment.

“I’m still in the sport, because I love the sport. I love what it makes them do. They go to college, they go to class, I get to see them 20 hours per week, and they work real hard, and they learn a lot of disciplines that will take them further in life. Almost every swimmer in life has gone on to be very, very successful. They used to come to me and say ‘I’m not going to have my children swim, because it’s too hard.’ And that has turned around. I used to tell them, ‘don’t for one minute think that you could get as far as you’ve gotten without swimming.’ And then of course the other one is ‘that just means you don’t love your kids as much as your parents love you.'”

Reese was also asked about his big transfers this season, Maxime Rooney, Alvin Jiang, and Chris Staka.

“Maxime came to school here, and when he first started practicing, he would shake hands and bump fists at the end of practice, with everyone on the team, and he still does a lot of that. In other words, he’s going all out for the team, and he does the same thing in his swims. He’s top 3 or 4 in the 100 fly going into the NCAAs. He doesn’t breathe the last 25. There’s probably 2 other guys who will do it that way. He’s just very tough, very determined.”

“The impact he’s had on the team has been special. This group this year…everybody talks about culture now, 10 years ago it was team chemistry, and in 10 years it’s gonna be, how much do they care about each other, and when he came in, we have upgraded, we’ve got a culture that is second to none, they take care of themselves, they take care of each other.”

Reese went on to laud his other two big recruits, Alvin Jiang and Chris Staka, as well.

Watch the Full Press Conference Below:

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Smart man, good decision.

The unoriginal Tim

Is there a roster limit or is he leaving guys at home for another reason. Is it so people can’t say they only won because they had a bigger roster? I would have though more options is always better if they are available.


Yes there is a roster limit. 18, but divers count as 1/2. So he is planning on 16 swimmers and 4 divers. He can’t take more

The unoriginal Tim

Thanks. I didn’t know.

Ol' Longhorn

Tough crowd today, Unoriginal Tim.


Did you read the article? It clearly states there is an 18 roster limit, with divers counting for 1/2 each. I hate when people comment without reading!

Ol' Longhorn

Gives them the best point total. It’s cuz they’re the best swimming and diving team, just not the best swimming team. Boom. I said it.


So in swimming and diving math theory, you could bring 36 divers…chuckle. Go Horns

Ol' Longhorn

Math theory and diving are for nerds.


You can only bring 18 but divers count only as .5 towards the roster total.


Good for UT – There will only be 8 swimmers and 1 diver frustrated in Austin along with 18 parents!


I don’t think so. Would you want you’re swimmer going NCAA only to score less team points than another swimmer or diver? What if the Championship comes down to only a few points – could that happen???

The diving qualification event isn’t even over yet

They actually may be leaving 2 divers behind. Texas’ sixth diver is excellent on tower and could qualify to NCAA’s today.


I told Eddie this last week: I want him to make a good man out of our son and I want him to graduate from one of best computer science and astronomy departments in the country – going to NCAAs is waaaay distant 3rd on my list, right above going to Olympics for Republic of Montenegro in 4 years. Top 2 are required – bottom 2 are optional (for us parents).

NC Swim Fan

Your name doesn’t check out…


No, no, I am a psycho – stop insulting me 🙂

According to so called experts here, any parent that is involved is a psycho, so I am a proud psycho dad. Thank God, Eddie does not think that way, although I told him he would never hear from me next 5 years again, same way his club and high school coaches never heard from me or met me at the pool. But, I do help our children make their dreams come true. That is what parenting is all about.


A refreshing approach.

This morning my boss greeted the news my wife’s pregnant by assuring me that a father’s duties began and ended with paying boarding school fees. God help his kids.


One of these days your boss will wake up and realize all those toys he bought and fake-friends he has mean nothing. At the end you are left with memories with people that love you, and all good you may leave behind are successful children that are good citizens and will remember you and miss you. Everything else, unless you are Einstein or Tesla, is major BS. Take care of your wife now, she will remember every moment of pregnancy and how you treated her for the rest of your life, and spend all time you can possible spend with your baby after s/he is born. [father of 5].


My boss once told me that kids are better off with three parents. The nanny can focus on the kids with occasional extra guidance from the parents.

I quit shortly thereafter.


No. Parents being involved is good. Parents insisting on extra (parent-led) “stroke sessions” for their 10-year old, and making excuses when their kid loses to swimmers he used to beat (“my kid just hasn’t grown as much…”) is psycho.


i so agree with your first sentence. The ‘experts’. Sheesh.


It seems like if you are fast enough and choose a school like UT (or Standford) you realize being left off the roster is a real possibility.

Too cool for the pool

You obviously aren’t intelligent enough to make either roster cause you don’t know how to spell STANFORD


Exactly why you should choose your school for the academics and the coach!

History Teacher

Fortunately the University of Texas has both academics and the coach!


Def learned the hard way that the head coach is everything.

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