Scoring Out The 2020 NCAA Men’s D1 Pre-Selection Psych Sheets


  • Wednesday, March 25 – Saturday, March 28, 2020
  • IU Natatorium, Indianapolis, IN
  • Prelims
  • Defending champs: Cal (1x) – results
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After this morning’s release of the NCAA pre-selection psych sheets, we’ve got our first round of team point prognostications – scoring out the psych sheet.

We scored out the psych sheet by hand, so bear with us if there are any updates coming as we continue to go back over our numbers. Of course, meets are swum on paper, but these scores do give us an idea of where teams stand heading into NCAAs.

These scores do not include diving, where qualifiers are being finalized this week at Zones. They do include relays, though, in the qualifying order listed on psych sheets.

2019 Performance

The other factor, of course, is how well teams hold their seeds at NCAAs. Here are the teams that moved the most from seed at last year’s NCAA meet, in swimming points only:

Biggest risers:

  1. California: +158
  2. Harvard: +83
  3. Texas: +80
  4. NC State: +54

Biggest fallers:

  1. Michigan: -135
  2. Tennessee: -90
  3. Florida: -81
  4. Alabama: -50.5
  5. Missouri: -49.5

Psych Sheet Scoring, 2020 NCAA Men’s Swimming & Diving Championships – Swimming Only

Psych sheet scoring has Texas leading Cal by 32.5 points. Texas also scored 84 diving points last year to Cal’s zero, and look perhaps stronger in diving this year. On the other hand, Cal outperformed its seeds by a huge margin last year, almost double what Texas did.

Rank Team Seeded Points
1 Texas 474.5
2 California 442
3 Florida 269
4 Indiana 251.5
5 Michigan 249.5
6 Texas A&M 243.33
7 Arizona State 178
8 Alabama 177
8 NC State 177
10 Louisville 176.5
11 Ohio State 170
12 Arizona 86.5
13 Florida State 77
14 Notre Dame 67
15 Missouri 61
16 Virginia 54
17 Georgia 39
17 Virginia Tech 39
19 Minnesota 36
20 Tennessee 34
21 LSU 32
22 William & Mary 26
23 South Carolina 22.5
24 Penn State 21
25 Denver 20.5
25 Purdue 20.5
27 Stanford 19
28 Auburn 18
29 Kentucky 14
30 Harvard 12
30 USC 12
32 Pittsburgh 9
32 Hawaii 9
34 Princeton 8
35 Georgia Tech 7
36 West Virginia 5
37 Northwestern 3.33
38 Yale 2
38 Wisconsin 2
40 UNC 0.33

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1 year ago

Looking like a 2-way battle for 1st, a 4-way battle for 3rd, and a 5-way battle for 7th.

Reply to  Confused
1 year ago

It will be interesting to look back at these seeds and see if any teams broke into a new tier.

Also just commenting that it’s interesting to now see A&M in that 2nd tier of teams fighting for 3rd.

1 year ago

Let’s go bears

1 year ago

NC State gained seeded points from last year? That’s weird. Definitely a building year. I think they’ll move past ASU, Bama, and IU and if there relays really popout I think they move past TAAM.

Texas fan
Reply to  Swammer
1 year ago

The gained points list refers to movement from seeded points to actual points last year.

Reply to  Swammer
1 year ago

TAMU has two stud divers

1 year ago

Arizona State, Alabama, NC State, Louisville, and Ohio State are incredibly close together in the bottom half of the top 10, but there’s some things to factor in. Ohio State has a great diving core and should score big points there, meanwhile Louisville DQ’d their 200 medley relay at ACCs and would be seeded in the top 3 in that event. It should be very close between these teams, and it will be all about who can improve on their seed times and capitalize in the relays.

Reply to  JCO
1 year ago

Wow! Only 1.5 points separates 7th place from 10th? Another factor to consider, as noted by Swim Swam in an earlier article, is that Bama had a suboptimal final turn on the 200 medley relay at SECs, resulting in a 20.28 freestyle split. Using Johnny’s split from the free relay at SECs (19.09) or Sam’s free relay split (18.98) instead, as a better predictor, would give Bama a 1:23.46 (or 1:23.37), effectively moving Bama’s relay place from 9th (18 points) to 4th (30 points), for an additional 12 team points.

1 year ago

I think UNC’s the real hero here

PK Doesn't Like His Long Name
Reply to  Coleman Hodges
1 year ago

Seeing .33 in the points totals is truly awesome. Unfortunately, the only way for that to happen at the meet itself is to have 3 people or teams tie for a heat win somewhere, which we would be awesome to see but is very rare.

1 year ago

I don’t see too much room for improvement for Cal based on the psych sheet but happy to be proven wrong. Diving will kill us but still looks like an exciting meet.

Reply to  calswimfan
1 year ago

Grieshop could be huge for Cal if he replicates how he did last year at NCAAs

Reply to  JCO
1 year ago

The kid knows how to step up when the stakes are high.

Coleman Hodges
Reply to  calswimfan
1 year ago

Wait really? Between Grieshop, Mefford, Hugo in 2IM, even Sendyk in 1Free (these just come to mind) I feel like Cal has more room to go up then UT does, but that assumption is also heavily based on results from last year… so honestly who knows

Reply to  Coleman Hodges
1 year ago

Yes, did Swimswam score Hugo in 2 IM with any points?

2 Cents
Reply to  Coleman Hodges
1 year ago

Did Hugo learn how to swim at NCAAs?

Reply to  calswimfan
1 year ago

There are some swims available for moving up–Grieshop, Gonzalez in the 200 IM, Sendyk in the 100 free / 100 fly, Mefford, etc. Texas is the favorite but their seeds came from a meet where they were all pretty much lights out. I think it will come down to which team is hotter in two and a half weeks’ time.

Reply to  calswimfan
1 year ago

Grieshop likely to be top 3-4 in all 3 of his events, Gonzalez in the 200IM, Mefford in the 200Free and 200Back… I think they will gain many points.
Texas guaranteed to gain their ~80 diving points, but beyond that just several wild cards like Foster, Scheinfeld, Pomajevich in the 200/500Free, Staka

Reply to  calswimfan
1 year ago

Agree Cal is swimming for second! UT WINS BY OVER 50…aint close.

Bay City Tex
1 year ago

All 4 Horn divers in now, after finals of
1 meter today. Windle, Campbell, Cornish,
and Harkness. Windle and Campbell should score
over 60 combined. Probably 80+ total.

Reply to  Bay City Tex
1 year ago

Here’s voting for SWIM SWAM becoming SWIM SWAM DIVE DOVE!

Swim swam fan
Reply to  Back2Back
1 year ago


Reply to  Bay City Tex
1 year ago

Update: Texas qualifies 5 divers for NCAA champs? A potential points scoring record for diving at NCAA’s??? Read it in SWIM SWAM!

Reply to  Back2Back
1 year ago

No way they beat some of those 90s Miami five squads.

Reply to  Back2Back
1 year ago

This raises the question, should Texas even bring all of their divers? I feel like some of the swimmers they would leave home would be more likely to score points.

Horns up
Reply to  Bay City Tex
1 year ago

Texas divers are truly amazing!

1 year ago

Go blue

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