Dutch National Swimmers Train In Drachten During Coronavirus Outbreak

The Dutch-based Swim Cup-The Hague and Swim Cup-Eindhoven were both listed among the Olympic-qualifying meets cancelled due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation unfolding worldwide. As a reminder, you can review all of the cancelled meets and postponements here.

Today, Saturday, March 14th, the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation (KNZB) released additional information concerning their top-tier aquatic sports programs.

“In addition to the measures that have been taken for all activities of the KNZB, we have also taken all kinds of measures to limit possible risks for our top athletes and their family and friends,” says technical director André Cats.

“Our top athletes would like to keep preparing for upcoming tournaments, but we absolutely do not want this to pose a risk to their environment. Our top athletes are also very aware of the risks of the coronavirus. That is why we take a close look at all home situations and our hygiene protocols have been raised to a maximum level. ”

“From this weekend we will train with our swimming team for a period of time at Zwemcentrum De Welle in Drachten,” continues Cats. “The CTOs Amsterdam and South were very willing to come to a solution. In Drachten we have the entire living and training situation under control. This way we can continue the training. In addition, we naturally hope that the situation in the Netherlands will stabilize in the foreseeable future. ”

Evert-Jan Siderius, director of Sportbedrijf Drachten: “Because Zwemcentrum De Welle is completely closed to the public from last Thursday evening, we are able to offer top swimmers in the Netherlands a closed and safe training facility. Thanks to short lines with the KNZB and the CTO, we were able to switch quickly. ”

The federation reiterates the contingency procedures for Olympic qualification are in the works, stating, “The KNZB is busy revising the qualification procedures for a number of sports towards the Games in Tokyo and will discuss this with NOC.”

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8 months ago

The KNZB changed plans today , Sunday ; the swimmers left Drachten and are in back in their homes.

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