Dinsmore Leads Men’s 10-Meter, Palmer Tops Women’s 3-Meter Semis at Nationals

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May 24th, 2019 Diving, News

Courtesy: USA Diving

INDIANAPOLIS David Dinsmore (New Albany, Ohio/Miami, Fla.) and Krysta Palmer (Carson City, Nev., Reno, Nev.) finished first in the men’s 10-meter and women’s 3-meter semifinals Friday to lead the field of divers advancing to Sunday’s final at the USA Diving Senior National Championships. Twelve divers in each event have advanced to finals.

Palmer scored 311.20 points to lead the women’s 3-meter semifinals. Sarah Bacon (Indianapolis, Ind./Minneapolis, Minn.) finished second with 309.60 points, and Hailey Hernandez (Southlake, Texas) was third with 302.95 points.

Dinsmore scored 466.80 points to finish first in the men’s 10-meter semifinals. Brandon Loschiavo (Huntington Beach, Calif./West Lafayette, Ind.) was second at 453.30, and Olympian Steele Johnson (Carmel, Ind./West Lafayette, Ind.) scored 444.90 points for third in the semifinals.

Although the national champion will be determined based on a single-list score from the finals, cumulative scoring from preliminaries, semifinals and finals will be used to select divers to the World Championships team.

After the men’s 10-meter preliminaries and semifinals, Dinsmore has 920.10 points. Loschiavo is at 870.35, 3.30 points ahead of Johnson.

Brooke Schultz (Fayetteville, Ark.) scored 610.95 points on her two 3-meter lists and leads Palmer by 3.85 points. Bacon is third with 604.20 points. Two divers in each individual event will qualify for the World Championships.

The USA Diving Senior National Championships continue through May 26. Saturday’s competition features the men’s 3-meter and women’s 10-meter finals. The men’s 3-meter final will be broadcast live at 12:30 p.m. ET on NBC Sports Network, and the women’s 10-meter final will be shown live at 2 p.m. ET on NBC.

The 2019 USA Diving Senior National Championships is part of the 2019 Team USA Champions Series, presented by Xfinity. The champions series showcases numerous Olympic sports throughout the year, highlighting the year-round quest of Team USA athletes to compete at the Olympic Games.


Women’s 3-meter Springboard (Preliminary)

1. Brooke Schultz (Unattached), 321.60;2. Lauren Reedy (Unattached), 303.65;3. Krysta Palmer (Nevada Diving Club), 295.90;4. Sarah Bacon (Unattached), 294.60;5. Carolina Sculti (Unattached), 294.00;6. Samantha Pickens (City of Midland), 293.10;7. Maria Coburn (Saguaro Dive Club), 290.25;8. Hailey Hernandez (GC Diving), 285.45;9. Bridget O’Neil (GC Diving), 277.45;10. Emily Grund (North Carolina Diving), 272.45;11. Alison Gibson (The University of Texas), 269.35;12. Anne Fowler (Alexandria Dive Club), 264.45;13. Emma Ivory-Ganja (Unattached), 255.05;14. Emily Bretscher (Purdue Diving), 249.40;15. Meghan Obrien (The University of Texas), 247.80;16. Kristen Hayden (Unattached), 247.65;17. Jessie Creed (Coral Springs Diving), 244.65;18. Isabel Gregersen (Mile High Dive Club), 244.60;19. Samantha Vear (Conroe Diving Club), 241.65;20. Kyndal Knight (Kentucky Diving Club), 230.55;21. Daria Lenz (Unattached), 218.70;22. Nikki Canale (Club Wolverine Diving), 217.90;23. Lauren Burch (W  oodlands Diving Academy), 216.60;24. Lily Witte (Legacy Diving), 214.70;25. Rachel Dickerson (GC Diving), 213.95;26. Christy Cutshaw (Club Wolverine Diving), 212.10;27. Ruth Mccranie (Moss Farms Diving), 209.65;28. Jessica Warak (Unattached), 203.40;29. Jaclynn Fowler (RipFest), 203.30;30. Margo O’Meara (RipFest), 201.15;31. Avery Worobel (Duke Diving), 199.90;32. Rachel Bertram (Unattached), 197.55;33. Morgan Menninger (The University of Texas), 195.25;34. Kinzie Etzelmiller (GC Diving), 190.80;35. Taylor Carter (Unattached), 188.05;36. Bailee Sturgill (Ohio State Diving Club), 186.70;37. Allison Ward (GC Diving), 182.20;38. Amy Wotovich (West Florida Lightning Aquatics), 155.45;

Women’s 3-meter Springboard (Semifinal)

1. Krysta Palmer (Nevada Diving Club), 311.20;2. Sarah Bacon (Unattached), 309.60;3. Hailey Hernandez (GC Diving), 302.95;4. Samantha Pickens (City of Midland), 300.15;5. Lauren Reedy (Unattached), 296.10;6. Maria Coburn (Saguaro Dive Club), 295.95;7. Alison Gibson (The University of Texas), 295.65;8. Emma Ivory-Ganja (Unattached), 292.90;9. Brooke Schultz (Unattached), 289.35;10. Emily Bretscher (Purdue Diving), 276.45;11. Meghan Obrien (The University of Texas), 268.50;12. Bridget O’Neil (GC Diving), 261.70;13. Anne Fowler (Alexandria Dive Club), 252.75;14. Jessie Creed (Coral Springs Diving), 248.70;15. Kristen Hayden (Unattached), 247.70;16. Isabel Gregersen (Mile High Dive Club), 247.45;17. Carolina Sculti (Unattached), 246.00;18. Emily Grund (North Carolina Diving), 239.15;

Men’s Platform (Preliminary)

1. David Dinsmore (University of Miami), 453.30;2. Steele Johnson (Purdue Diving), 422.15;3. Brandon Loschiavo (Purdue Diving), 417.05;4. Benjamin Bramley (Purdue Diving), 400.55;5. Lyle Yost (American Flyers Diving), 369.10;6. Tyler Downs (RipFest), 363.40;7. Zach Cooper (University of Miami), 342.40;8. Chase Lane (Unattached), 338.90;9. Maxwell Weinrich (Montgomery Dive Club), 337.80;10. Jacob Fielding (Unattached), 324.65;11. Maxwell Flory (Dominion Dive Club), 315.65;12. Jacob Siler (Unattached), 314.70;13. Jacob Cornish (The University of Texas), 308.55;14. Quinn Henninger (Mile High Dive Club), 297.80;15. Jordan Rzepka (Ohio State Diving Club), 297.30;16. Andrew Harness (Trojan Dive Club), 290.00;17. Jack Matthews (Ohio State Diving Club), 238.25;18. Kimble Mahler (BYU Cougar Diving), 231.40;19. Michael Parker (Montgomery Dive Club), 206.70;20. Hunter Jaynes (Alabama Diving), 202.00;

Men’s Platform (Semifinal)

1. David Dinsmore (University of Miami), 466.80;2. Brandon Loschiavo (Purdue Diving), 453.30;3. Steele Johnson (Purdue Diving), 444.90;4. Zach Cooper (University of Miami), 397.70;5. Jacob Cornish (The University of Texas), 387.55;6. Benjamin Bramley (Purdue Diving), 387.50;7. Tyler Downs (RipFest), 377.10;8. Quinn Henninger (Mile High Dive Club), 369.70;9. Chase Lane (Unattached), 367.75;10. Maxwell Weinrich (Montgomery Dive Club), 361.30;11. Jordan Rzepka (Ohio State Diving Club), 358.35;12. Jacob Siler (Unattached), 348.80;13. Lyle Yost (American Flyers Diving), 345.30;14. Andrew Harness (Trojan Dive Club), 308.55;15. Jack Matthews (Ohio State Diving Club), 294.00;16. Jacob Fielding (Unattached), 289.30;17. Maxwell Flory (Dominion Dive Club), 272.10;18. Kimble Mahler (BYU Cougar Diving), 234.80;

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