Indiana’s Paul Gabhart Enters NCAA Transfer Portal

Indiana University’s Paul Gabhart, who just wrapped up his freshman season in Bloomington, has entered the NCAA database for student-athletes seeking a transfer.

Gabhart graduated high school from Bloomington South alongside fellow Hoosiers Julia Wolf, who also entered the portal earlier this month, and Mackenzie Looze, daughter of Indiana head coach Ray Looze. Overall, Gabhart is the fifth Indiana swimmer to enter the database this offseason, which also includes All-American sprinter Morgan Scott.

Gabhart went best times in his 200 and 500 free, as well as his 200 fly and 400 IM, swimming unattached at the 2019 Indiana Senior State Meet in March. He dropped over a second in his 200, well over four seconds in his 400, two-and-a-half in his 200 fly and nearly two in his 400 IM on his way to four event wins.

Best times:

  • 200 free – 1:38.14
  • 500 free – 4:22.87
  • 200 fly – 1:45.62
  • 400 IM – 3:49.89

Indiana’s staff has had immense turnover as of late. Assistant coaches Coley Stickels, Caitlin Hamilton and Kirk Grand all left the program over the past two months, with Looze bringing in Jonty Skinner and Cory Chitwood as replacements. Gabhart is unlikely to have been training under any of the departing coaches, however, as associate head coach Mike Westphal handles the mid-distance and distance groups.

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Another? This can’t look good to prospects considering IU. With consistent departures of athletes within the program, and a revolving door of coaches departing these last couple years, there seems to be something out of the ordinary going on. My guess is club/high school coaches and parents will grow weary of sending their kids there. Just an observation. Unfortunate.


It’s a great thing when assistant coaches obtain a head coaching position. There is nothing “out of the ordinary going on” Swimmers follow coaches and this is what is happening.


Means they don’t trust the head coach


That’s a ridiculous reply, these assistant coaches were recognized as future head coaches and rightfully so. Why would you hate on anyone for bettering themselves?


Seems like the comment is hating on the program, not the swimmer

IU Swammer

With those times, he would be scoring at Big Tens, but he didn’t make the Big Ten team. He’s probably transferring to a school where he will get to travel and swim at championship meets.


I’m sure Ray Looze is worried about retaining his immediarely impactful recruits. With the attention Indiana is getting someone transferring at this level is not a concern. Their NCAA finish is what matters most.

NM Coach

Interesting observation…IU has had transfers and people bash Ray.

Texas leaves an NCAA qualifier at home and no says a word about it.

Maybe the situation is more like…this swimmer was on little or no money, he didn’t make the conference team, and wants to go elsewhere where he can get both. Maybe it has NOTHING to do with the coaching staff. There are MANY programs that can use a 4:22 500 and 3:49 IM – Minnesota would love to have that caliber of athlete in those events.


I think the difference is that the guys left at home in Texas aren’t transferring. Despite not being on the travel team, they buy into the training and team environment. With IU, however, it seems there’s a new transfer each week. Something obviously isn’t right with the culture on that team.


Texas creates a great atmosphere. Decades ago I knew a guy who didn’t travel for UT for 2 years and then finaled at NCAA’s the next year.

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