Denmark To Have 29 Athletes Represent Their Nation On Home Soil

From November 14th-17th Gladsaxe pool played host to the Danish Short Course Championships. With the event being the qualifying competition for the European Short Course Championships that will be held in Herning in less than a month there was increased anticipation to see who would represent their country on home soil.

A complete list of qualifying standards for the Danish European Championships team can be found here

Day one of the event was highlighted by two Danish national records being broken. Viktor Bromers set a new Danish national record in the men’s 200 IM posting a 1:54.86 to win the event. Bromers broke Chris Christensen‘s 2009 record of 1:55.62.

The second record of the night was set by the Lyngby Swim Club women’s 4 x 50 freestyle relay team that won the event in a time of 1:39.26. The team consisted of

  • Amanda Højberg: 26.17
  • Jeanette Ottesen Gray: 23.56
  • Sarah Bridge: 25.03
  • Kelly Riber Rasmussen: 24.50

The following 14 swimmers qualified for the Danish team on the first evening of competition:

200 m individual medley, ladies (EM kravtid: 2.15,35):

  • Julie Aglund Lauridsen, Sigma Swim Allerød / NTC: 2.11,97.
  • Sidse Kehlet, Esbjerg: 2.13,95.
  • Julie Leth-Espensen, Lyngby: 2.15,09.

200 m backstroke, gentlemen (EM kravtid: 1.55,27):

  • Magnus Jákupsson, Sigma Swim Allerød: 1.54,90.

200 m butterfly, ladies (EM kravtid: 2.11,20):

  • Katrine Holm Sorensen, Esbjerg / NTC: 2.08,58.

200 m individual medley, gentlemen (EM kravtid: 1.59,58):

  • Viktor B. Bromer, Aalborg: 1.54,86 (Danish record).
  • Daniel Skaaning, STT / VAT CPH / NTC: 1.56,76.
  • Chris Christensen, Holstebro: 1.56,97.

50 m breaststroke, ladies (EM kravtid: 31.28):

  • Rikke Møller Pedersen, Herning / NTC: 30.36.
  • Louise B. Dalgaard, Aalborg: 30.93.
  • Kelly Riber Rasmussen, Lyngby / NTC: 31.01

The second evening saw Andreas Schiellerup and Magnus Jakupsson tie for the win in the men’s 50 backstroke in a time of 24.21, both breaking the Danish mark of 24.47 that was set by Schiellerup in 2012.

Eight more athletes qualified for the team:

800 m free, ladies (EM kravtid: 8.46,36):

  • Lotte Friis, Sigma Swim Allerød / USA: 8.11,98.

100 m breaststroke, gentlemen (EM kravtid: 1.00,41):

  • Niklas Hedegaard, Farum: 59.67.

100 m free, ladies (EM kravtid: 55.41):

  • Jeanette Ottesen Gray, Lyngby / NTC: 52.37.
  • Pernille Blume, Sigma Swim Birkeroed / NTC: 53.51.
  • Julie Levisen, Aalborg: 54.36.

100 m butterfly, gentlemen (EM kravtid: 52.66):

  • Daniel Steen Andersen, Horsens / NTC: 52.07.

100 m backstroke, ladies (EM kravtid: 59,99):

  • Mie E. Nielsen, Aalborg: 57.09.

50 m backstroke, gentlemen (EM kravtid: 24.56):

  • Andreas Schiellerup, Sigma Swim Birkeroed: 24.21
  • Magnus Jákupsson, Sigma Swim Allerød / NTC: 24.21

The third night of racing saw the greatest number of national records broken on one evening. Mie Nielsen broke her own 50 backstroke record of 26.96, which set in October, winning the event in a time of 26.84. Mathias Andersen set a new mark in the men’s 50 breaststroke taking the event in a time of 27.54. Andersen broke the 2008 record of 28.06 set by Kristian Outinen.

The women’s relay from Sigma Swim Club set a new national record in the 4 x 200 freestyle relay posting a time of 7:55.14. The team was made up of:

  • Julie Aglund Lauridsen: 1.59,70.
  • Pernille Blume: 1.58,08.
  • May Howardsen: 2.01,44.
  • Lotte Friis: 1.55,92

There were also two more swimmers that qualified for the team:

400 m free, ladies (EM kravtid: 4.15,20):

  • Line Jørgensen Bruun, Aalborg: 4.10,37.

100 m free, gentlemen (EM kravtid: 48.82):

  • Magnus Westermann, Herlev: 48.44.

There was only one national record broken on the final evening of competition. The women’s 4 x 50 medley relay team from Aalborg set a new Danish record winning the event in a time of 1:49.72. The team consisted of:

  • Cecilie Hansen: 28.11.
  • Louise B. Dalgaard: 30.84.
  • Mie E. Nielsen: 26.11.
  • Julie Levisen: 24.66.

Four more athletes qualified for the team in individual events:

200 m breaststroke, gentlemen (EM kravtid: 2.11,08):

  • Emil Klingberg, Quick Kastrup: 2.10,99.

200 m free, ladies (EM kravtid: 2.00,76):

  • Julie Brondum Petersen, Quick Kastrup: 2.00,53.

100 m butterfly, ladies (EM kravtid: 59.80):

  • Christina Munkholm, Køge, 59.54.

200 m backstroke, ladies (EM kravtid: 2.10,39):

  • Sarah Bridge, Lyngby / NTC: 2.08,75.

Mathias Andersen was also added to the team for a position in the relay events.

Full results can be found here

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6 years ago

Sarah Bridge should be Sarah Bro 🙂 Google translate is a bit over-zealous with proper names hehe.

Looking forward to seeing some of these swimmers represent Denmark, it has been great to see tight competition for places and hopefully some will be inspired to step up and become our next stars.


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