Day 7 Finals Recap Presented by Engine

by Garrett McCaffrey 24

July 01st, 2012 News

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Missy Franklin has won around 2.06 like I had predicted. She wasn’t fully tapered for these trials. Be patient for the world record. If she has a smart schedule with at least the 200 free out of it she will not be too much tired and she’ll destroy the world record. I see her in 2.04.10 in London. Very sad for Elizabeth Pelton but I have noticed she doesn’t improve for 2 years anymore. Michael Phelps hasn’t swam a beautiful race with a bad start and a slow first 50 but at the end he has won. His last 50 were great as usual. I repeat he will have to drop 1 or 2 races of his actual schedule if… Read more »

Craig Lord is so knowledgeable in swimming, and I admire his feisty crusade against rubber-suits even though at times it seemed to be hopeless.

So no WR so far.
I thought one WR was to be broken (women 200 back), but there were many who predicted 3,4,5 WRs in this trials.

I think many people still have not realized what rubber-suits did to WRs.

Has there been any US trials where no WR was broken?
Was there any in 1996?

Yes no world records so far and it’s not in the women’s 50 free or in the men’s 1500 free it will happen. And I agree with you about some very funny predictions from many swimming fans. These stupid magical suits have been a disaster. But overall the times have been good except the men’s 100 free, the men’s 400 free, the women’s 100 free and the women’s 200 fly. The goal is to swim fast in London. The world records will be in London.

Which WR will fall by us swimmers? I am sure of the ones by no US swimmers..

Magnussen 100 free, Sun Yang 400 free and 1500 free. Any else for US and non US swimmers?

You forget Camille Muffat in the women’s 400 free, Rebecca Soni in the 200 breast, Missy Franklin in the 200 back, Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte in the 200 IM, Camille Lacourt or Matt Grevers in the 100 back, Rebecca Adlington in the women’s 800 free and USA in the women’s 4X100 medley relay. The most predictable in this list for me is Missy Franklin in the 200 back. She will destroy it.

Yes, the most likely and strongest possibility is Missy in 200 back. And I agree with you: she will pulverize the record.


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