Ryan Lochte has another level of taper

by Garrett McCaffrey 12

July 01st, 2012 News

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More like, “Michael Phelps, watch out.”

Unbelievable!Simply sick…just wonder what times he will blast…

He looked disappointed though…..
It just seemed he had expected to grab the second spot in 100 fly

You’re right. He probably swam that event with the intention of surprising a lot of people and maybe getting a spot on the medley. Rowdy Gaines was talking about him trying to make the medley relay team as a participant, but I don’t know how given Grevers is faster in the 100 back and you’d have to give a prelim swim to Thoman unless Grevers wanted to do it, and Phelps and McGill in the fly leg. IT sounds crazy but Lochte has been stonewalled out of the medley relay.

Stonewalled unless McGill has a poor 100fly the day before and Lochte is swimming lights out.

McGill would have to be swimming so poorly that he would risk the relay making finals.


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