Ryan Lochte has another level of taper

  12 Garrett McCaffrey | July 01st, 2012 | News

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Jean Michel

Predictions over predictions ! all bullshit !

Justin Thompson

We`ll see in London if this is just talk or if he really wasn`t tapered. I think its just cheap talk.

I agree with you Justin. He is a really good swimmer, but he is mostly competing with Phelps. Phelps already has his legacy and will retire as the greatest swimmer of all time. He will always be the second best all around swimmer. Maybe third because Laszlo Cseh beat him in 2008′ He said in the past that he was going for nine golds inLondon. What happenned? He keeps saying that he knows he can go way faster, but apparently not when he is actually swimming the event. Don’t get me wrong, I like him but I think he is way over his head.

I have been watching Ryan swim for many years now. I feel that he is underestimated most of the time. Let’s remember one thing going into London this year. This is not the Ryan Lochte that swam in China. This is a whole new side of him. This Ryan did a complete turnabout. He has trained harder, and his nutrition has improved. I think in my humble opinion, Ryan has enough fire in him that he show the world what he is made of. It will be like watching a lion get his prey.


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