Coach Árpád Petrov Responds after Split with Katinka Hosszu

A day after Hungarian superstar swimmer Katinka Hosszu announced that she was splitting with her coach Árpád Petrov, the Swiss coach released a response statement.

As compared to Hosszu’s statement, which was critical of Petrov’s determination and commitment, Petrov took a more complimentary tone toward his former trainee.

Petrov says that he is grateful for every day he had “helping the world’s best swimmer,” and that he learned a lot from Hosszu – in the areas of “humility, work, respect,” among others. Petrov also expressed gratitude to the president of the Hungarian Swimming Federation, Sándor Wladár, and for others involved with the training.

Petrov concluded that even though he no longer conducts the training for Hosszu, that he will be her biggest fan. He also wished for all of her dreams to come true – be them professional or personal.

Hosszu said that she made the decision based on a “feeling” that she couldn’t shake since the World Championships that she didn’t feel that Petrov wanted to win as much as Hosszu did. “In the run-up to the Olympic Games, I can’t take the burden of carrying someone on my back again,” Hosszu remarked.

Hosszu says that she will now coach herself to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Neither has made comment about Petrov’s future as the head coach of the Iron squad in the International Swimming League. That team, which is partially-owned by Hosszu, completed its first season last weekend with a third-place finish in the European derby meet, which wasn’t enough to advance to December’s finale in Las Vegas. The next ISL season isn’t anticipated until after next summer’s Olympic Games.

Prior to working with Hosszu in the summer of 2018, Petrov was leading the training of the Swiss National Team. Among others, he coached 7-event Swiss National Record holder Sasha Touretski who is the daughter of famed Russian-born coach Gennadi Touretski.

Hosszu won 3 individual gold and 1 individual silver medal at the 2016 Olympic Games while training under then-coach and husband Shane Tusup, before that pair ultimately split personally and professionally in 2018. This summer, at the World Championships, she won gold in both the 200 IM and 400 IM. She also scratched the 100 back, finished 17th in prelims of the 200 free to miss advancing, and finished 8th in the 200 backstroke.

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Chaitha D.

This is the kind of respectful statement that Hosszu should have made


While her comments were less than diplomatic I can’t really say she shouldn’t have said different because I don’t know what went on behind the scenes. I just don’t think any of these things should really be made public

Ol' Longhorn

Gotta say, though, if she were a guy and made that comment (imagine Phelps said it about Bowman, for example, or recall speaking about “no more garbage yards” after he split with Troy), or a pro in any other sport (Serena, Lebron, Messier, Alex Morgan, for example), don’t think we would be expressing so much disappointment in the statement Hosszu made. She’s a 30-year-old pro who’s developed — 99% through her work and commitment — a very successful business career through her brand. Maybe we can just take it a face value what she said — he wasn’t as driven to help her achieve her success as she was.

Jane Dressel's Vertical Leap

Well said, Ol’ Longhorn.


Respect to Petrov
I get it coaches are nothing without the athletes
But Coaches are still around long after the athlete is gone.
Katinka statement true or not was disrespectful! I hope she swims well in Tokyo and if anything short let’s hope people show her respect she deserves

Ol' Longhorn

Devil’s advocate — maybe he didn’t earn her respect in the actual job she was paying him for.




Guess she can prove that in Tokyo


OK, let’s assume that’s the case – why trash him publicly though? Isn’t it enough for her to just say she’s made this decision, thinks it’s in her best interest and leave it there?


I cannot judge. Petrov came when Hosszu was down, He may not have lived up to her highest expectations then it is indeed time to depart,but she should not trash him (like burden on her back). Seems each of Hossyu’s coaches become burdens on her back retrospectively.


After all, Petrov did not apply for the job, he was, as far as I read, approached by Katinka. He gave up his comfortable coaching position in Switzerland, knowing he was taking a risk, and IMHO he did not deserve being trashed. The announcement of Hosszu sounded very much the same as that of Tusup when he broke up.with Hosszu.It was Tusup language.


Arpi just showed a thing you call CLASS !!!


Just like her prior coach. What was his name?


I actually thought this was funny.

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